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Wed Mar 20 2002

All: Another valuable service: Job Announcements

Editor for this issue: Michael Appleby <>


  1. linguist, Finding your job through LINGUIST Job Announcements
  2. linguist, Behind the scenes: Our jobs editors, Heather and Karolina

Message 1: Finding your job through LINGUIST Job Announcements

Date: 20 Mar 2002 06:05:35 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: Finding your job through LINGUIST Job Announcements

Dear Subscribers,

Wow, another year has gone by and once again linguists are hitting our
Jobs Listing page more than any other on the site! In fact, we're
just finishing up the "job-posting season", as we call it here at
LINGUIST. So many institutions are seeking new faculty for the
following school term, we can hardly keep up with all the work! It's
a great feeling from our vantage point to know that we are filling
such an important need for the linguistics community by providing this
employment information.

You may wonder, other than using Linguist List to post your own staff
needs through Linguist List, or finding new job opportunities, how
does this service affect you directly? As many of you know, we
request a donation for each posting, not a payment. This ensures that
information about every job available will be passed on to you,
whether or not an institution or employer can pay for the posting. But
unfortunately for us, only a small percentage of our job posters
actually send a donation for our posting their ad. So if your
institution found a valuable staff member, or if you, yourself, found
employment through LINGUIST and have not yet donated, this would be
the perfect time. To those of you who helped arrange job payments, we
offer our sincere thanks. We rely on your generosity to keep LINGUIST

Of course, we are more than thankful for the generosity of those of
you who have already donated to Linguist List, whether as a job
submitter or as an independent supporter. They have already
contributed $6,422 towards the total $48,000 that we need this
year. Just one small donation can help Linguist List more than you can

Two of the student editors you will be supporting are Heather
Taylor-Loring and Karolina Owczarzak, who share the posting of job
announcements. You can read their thoughts about working for LINGUIST
and how they will benefit from your donation in the second message to
this issue, below.

So please go to to send us your
pledge. From there you have the choice of donating straight away by
credit card using our secure form, or you can send us a cheque later.
If you do send a cheque, please make it payable in US dollars; we get
charged about $50 a time to convert currency (no such problems with a
credit card).

Alternatively, you can hit "Reply" to this message and send us your
pledge right now by email, prior to sending your cheque. Then we will
be able to list you immediately as one of our donors; and we may be
able to reach our goal (and halt these Fund Drive messages) a bit
earlier. The address to send cheques is as follows:

The LINGUIST Editorial Support Fund
c/o Helen Aristar-Dry
Dept. of English
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 
USA 48197

As a 501(c)3 organization, LINGUIST qualifies for corporate
donation-matching programs; and, of course, your donation is tax

Don't forget that in return for a donation of $25 or more, we would
like to send you one of our new LINGUIST List tote bags. Stylish yet
sturdy, these bags are big enough to hold handouts from a three-day
conference, and still have room left for a visit to the publishers'
stands. To test their strength, we filled one of these bags with our
favourite hardback books and carried it around for a bit, and our arms
got tired before the bag's did. To see the tote bags in use, please
visit our premiums page at
Also on this page are our comfortable LINGUIST List t-shirts and
sweatshirts. Please let us know in your pledge which you would like.
Remember to let us know your postal address and what size and style
you'd like.

We at LINGUIST really do appreciate your support. We couldn't do this
without you.

With our sincere thanks,


Anthony, Helen, Andrew, Karen, Naomi, Heather, James, Michael,
Zhen-Wei, Richard, Karolina, Dina, Renee, Steve, Marie, Gayathri,
John, Ljuba, Terry, Simin, Tomoko.


LINGUIST Contributors

ANGELS ($1000 and over)

 Blackwell Publishers
 John Benjamins	
 Richard Sproat and Chilin Shih
MAINSTAYS ($100 to $1000)
 Dr Catherine Walter
 Elizabeth D. Liddy
 Margaret Winters and Geoff Nathan
 Michelle Portalatin
 Robb Watt
 Ernest McCarus
 - Plus one anonymous donor

SUPPORTERS ($50 to $100)

 Antonella Sorace, University of Edinburgh
 Linda L. Thornburg
 Klaus-Uwe Panther
 Mary Grenham
 Baden Hughes
 Donna Christian
 Greg Kochanski
 Kathleen Doty
 Kathleen Ward
 Maite Taboada
 Paul Boersma
 Andreas Schramm
 Carol W. Pfaff
 Ingo Plag
 Judy Fuller
 Laura Callahan
 Regina Oakeshott
 Syracuse University
 Tom Wasow
 - Plus 4 anonymous donors
DONORS (Up to $50)

 Dr. Sherida Altehenger-Smith
 Job M. van Zuijlen
 Joseph Eska
 Albert Ortmann
 Anastasia Bonch-Osmolovskaja
 Ash Asudeh
 Bernd Moebius
 Carol A. Klee
 Chang S. Lee
 Dr Anne Reboul
 Fernanda Ferreira
 Max Wheeler
 Miwa Nishimura
 Robert Bayley
 Chang S. Lee
 Clare Stroud
 David Gaatone
 Dr. Fernanda Ferreira
 Judith M.S. Pine
 George A. Pine
 Julie Bruch
 Lynn Santelmann
 Sebastian Ross-Hagebaum
 Will Fitzgerald
 anja wanner
 Tor A. Afarli
 Uri Strauss
 Julie Bruch
 Caren Brinckmann
 Frank Domahs
 Hortensia Curell
 James Sneddon
 - Plus 7 anonymous donors


 Academic Press 		
 Arnold Publishers 		
 Athelstan Publications 		
 Blackwell Publishers 		
 Cambridge University Press 		
 Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd 		
 Distribution Fides 		
 Elsevier Science Ltd. 		
 John Benjamins 		
 Kluwer Academic Publishers 		
 Lincom Europa 		
 MIT Press 		
 Mouton de Gruyter 		
 Multilingual Matters 		
 Oxford UP 		
 Pearson Education 		


 Anthropological Linguistics 
 CSLI Publications 
 Cascadilla Press 
 Finno-Ugrian Society 
 Graduate Linguistic Students' Assoc., Umass 
 International Pragmatics Assoc. 
 Kingston Press Ltd 
 Linguistic Assoc. of Finland 
 MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 
 Pacific Linguistics 
 Pacini Editore Spa 
 St. Jerome Publishers 
 Summer Institute of Linguistics 
 Utrecht Institute of Linguistics 
 Virittaja Aikakauslehti 



 Australian National University 
 Bowne Global Solutions, Inc. 
 Cal State University, San Marcos 
 Canon Research Centre Europe
 Carleton Univ. 
 Central Connecticut State University 
 Chulalongkorn University 
 Computer Science Innovations, Inc. 
 Da Yeh University 
 East Carolina University 
 Educational Testing Service 
 Elementary Textbook Publisher 
 European Commission, Joint Research Centre
 Georgia Southern University 
 Georgia State University 
 Grand Valley State University 
 Graz University of Technology 
 Greenwich School of English 
 Kanisa Inc. 
 Kobe College
 Lionbridge Technologies 
 Logical Properties 
 Marquette University 
 Memorial University of Newfoundland 
 Microsoft Corporation 
 Middlesex University 
 Monash University 
 National University of Kaohsiung 
 North Carolina State University 
 OGI School of Science and Engineering at OHSU 
 Rhetorical Systems Ltd 
 Rice University
 Rutgers University 
 SDL International 
 SRA International
 SUNY, Stony Brook 
 Salem International University 
 Simon Fraser University 
 Thammasat University 
 Univ. of California, Berkeley 
 Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) 
 Universitdt Bielefeld 
 University College Dublin
 University of Aberdeen 
 University of Amsterdam 
 University of British Columbia 
 University of California, Santa Barbara 
 University of Canterbury
 University of Florida 
 University of Leipzig 
 University of Liverpool
 University of Macau 
 University of Maryland 
 University of Maryland Dental School 
 University of Nevada, Las Vegas 
 University of Newcastle
 University of Pittsburgh 
 University of Southern California 
 University of Vermont 
 Vox Generation Ltd 
 WTB Language Group Inc. 
 Waters Technologies Ireland Ltd 
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Message 2: Behind the scenes: Our jobs editors, Heather and Karolina

Date: 19 Mar 2002 04:52:22 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: Behind the scenes: Our jobs editors, Heather and Karolina

Dear subscribers,

We thought you'd like to hear from some of the students your funds are
supporting. So this year each fund drive issue will include a brief
paragraph from our editors telling you, their sponsors, about their
work with LINGUIST.

Heather Taylor-Loring and Karolina Owczarzak are our editors in charge
of jobs postings. First, a few words from Heather:

When I found out that Helen Aristar-Dry was interested in talking with
me about working for the Linguist List, I was elated! As I'm sure all
of you can understand, the chance to have an assistantship that is
directly involved in linguistics is wonderful!

As one of the editors for the Jobs issues, I spend a lot of time
reviewing the vast opportunities that are in the world as a linguist.
What a great field I work in! Anthony Aristar always says that people
are so helpful and giving in the field. He says linguistics is one of
the only fields that, if you were stranded somewhere and didn't have
anywhere to turn, as a linguist you could call the closest linguistics
program and someone would be by to pick you up and help you out. I
haven't tried that yet, but having seen the generosity of subscribers
through the last two fund drives, I can believe that linguists are
always ready to help one another.

Since I graduate from Eastern Michigan University this fall, I'm
facing the sad realization that the fun days of Linguist List are
coming rapidly to a close. And I also realize that I wouldn't have
been able to graduate if the opportunity of working for Linguist had
not been possible. I've been able to learn so much about the workings
of the field while working on some really cool Linguist projects that
will benefit the entire community. It's really hard to believe that
Linguist List is able to pay for my education while at the same time,
I'm getting this kind of invaluable experience.

Thanks to all you linguists out there! I hope you've gotten a lot out
of Linguist List and will continue to for many years to come. I
appreciate your support more than I can say.

Heather Taylor-Loring
Eastern Michigan University

To see and read more about Heather, go to:


And now, Karolina:

I came to EMU and joined the Linguist gang in September 2001, because
I didn't realise what I was getting into. But I found out that I
really like the atmosphere of the constant struggle with forms that
don't fancy taking any input or with disappearing data! I can tell you
that the people here are pretty determined to do everything for the
good of our subscribers, maybe apart from sacrificing their lunch
break (if we're lucky to have any - remember, your donations will
allow us eat more regularly, maybe even three or four times a week!).

But seriously, working for the Linguist List, being surrounded by
those beautiful minds, and being able to do my Master's degree under
the guidance of some of the best linguists in the world is an amazing
experience. And it is your donations that made it possible for me and
other foreign students to receive Linguist fellowships. So I'd like to
personally thank everyone supporting the Linguist List - you guys are
the best!

Eastern Michigan University

To see and read more about Karolina, please go to:

Please donate to LINGUIST, and help support our student editors.
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