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Wed Mar 20 2002

Books: Morphology:Verb-Particle Explorations

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  1. Julia Ulrich, Verb-Particle Explorations, Dehe, Jackendoff, McIntyre, Urban (eds.)

Message 1: Verb-Particle Explorations, Dehe, Jackendoff, McIntyre, Urban (eds.)

Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 13:27:03 +0100
From: Julia Ulrich <>
Subject: Verb-Particle Explorations, Dehe, Jackendoff, McIntyre, Urban (eds.)

Series Editors: Artemis Alexiadou and T. Alan Hall

The series consists of collected volumes and monographs about specific
issues dealing with interfaces among the subcomponents of linguistic
structure: phonology-morphology, phonology-syntax, syntax-semantics,
syntax-morphology and syntax-lexicon.

Recent linguistic research has recognized that the subcomponents of
grammar interact in non-trivial ways. What is currently under debate
is the actual range of such interactions and their most appropriate
representation in grammar, which is the focus of this series.
Specifically, it aims to provide a general overview of various topics
by examining them through the interaction of grammatical
components. The books provide a state of the art report of research.


Nicole Dehe, Ray Jackendoff, Andrew McIntyre and Silke Urban (Editors)
2002. 23 x 15,5 cm. Cloth.
Euro 78.00 / sFr 125,- / approx. US$ 78.00
ISBN 3-11-017228-3

(Interface Explorations 1)

Germanic verb-particle combinations (e.g. ring up, German: anrufen,
Dutch opbellen) have engendered much controversy. This book collects a
representative cross-section of current research on the constructions,
providing a convenient and up-to-date introduction to the subject, and
shedding new light on the subject by gathering insights from various
linguistic subdisciplines (from psycholinguistics to pure
linguistics), various theories and methodological strategies
(e.g. Minimalism, Construction Grammar, Lexical Functional Grammar)
and various languages (chiefly: Dutch, English, German and Swedish).
Theoretical studies have not reached consensus on the structure of
verb-particle combinations, with proposals ranging from the idea that
particles form a small clause with the direct object to approaches
assuming constituency for particle and verb, but disagreeing on
whether this structure is syntactically or morphologically
generated. Good arguments have been adduced for all these positions,
leading to various compromise solutions, as well as completely
different approaches. A solution to this issue would enrich
considerably our knowledge of grammar, and the crosslinguistic,
interdisciplinary approach taken in this book makes genuine progress
towards this goal. Verb-particle combinations have been the subject
of much psycholinguistic work, with studies in acquisition, production
and perception. The discontinuous occurrence of particles and verbs
allows interesting insights into the relation between verbs and other
sentence constituents, and the cognitive processes required to bring
about the union of particle and verb. This volume scrutinises some of
the most prominent hypotheses on the comprehension of linguistic
material and provides an almost exhaustive survey on experiments using
verb particle constructions.




1. Particle Verbs: Syntactic, morphological and semantic perspectives

Geert Booij: Separable complex verbs in Dutch: A case of periphrastic
word formation

Bert Cappelle: And up it rises. Particle preposing in English

Ray Jackendoff: English particle constructions, the lexicon, and the
autonomy of syntax

Andrew McIntyre: Idiosyncrasy in particle verbs

Stefan Muller: Syntax or morphology: German particle verbs revisited

Ad Neeleman: Particle placement

Fabrice Nicol: Extended VP-shells and the verb-particle construction

Ida Toivonen: Swedish particles and syntactic projection

Jaap van Marle: Dutch separable compound verbs: words rather than

Jochen Zeller: Particle verbs are heads and phrases

2. Particle Verbs: Statistical and psycholinguistic perspectives

Stefan Gries: The influence of processing on syntactic variation:
Particle placement in English

Dieter Hillert & Farrell Ackerman: Accessing and parsing phrasal

Anke Ludeling & Nivja de Jong: German particle verbs and word formation

Silke Urban: Parsing verb particle constructions: An approach based on
event-related potentials (ERP)




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