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Tue Jan 15 2002

Qs: A Questioned Quote, Ingressive Speech

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  1. Dr. Adam Pawlowski, Question about Quote
  2. Robert Eklund, Ingressive Speech

Message 1: Question about Quote

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 12:55:14 +0100
From: Dr. Adam Pawlowski <>
Subject: Question about Quote

Dear subscribers,
I'm looking for a citation from a weekly newspaper or a scientific
review (in English, probably from the US), published some two, three or
four years ago, stating that "social scientists are using more and more
sophisticated mathematical models which they gradually cease to
understand and/or interpret". I saw it in a press article displayed on
an information board at the section of mathematics in Trier, but then it
has disappeared without trace.
Thanks in advance, A.Pawlowski
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Message 2: Ingressive Speech

Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 13:31:41 +0100
From: Robert Eklund <>
Subject: Ingressive Speech


I am presently doing research on recorded, spontaneous, speech
in Swedish, and in particular on (pulmonic) ingressive pronunciations
of discourse particles like "yes".

I have seen references mentioning the same phenomenon (i.e., producing
speech on ingressive airstreams) in Newfoundland English, German,
French, Norwegian, Danish, English and a couple of other languages.

I wonder whether anyone could point me to published work on this
phenomenon, rather than "anecdotal" information (interesting as it
may be).



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