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Mon Apr 1 2002

Qs: Elative/Akan Phonetic Dictionary

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  1. Oebel, Elative
  2. Mindaugas Kiaupas, where could I find Akan phonetic dictionary?

Message 1: Elative

Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 16:44:32 +0900
From: Oebel <>
Subject: Elative

Dear all,

It is me again, Guido from Saga in Japan!

This time it is about the so-called Superlativus absolutus or Elative,
as it is an absolutely normal phenomenon in Romance languages, e.g. in

guapa, mas guapa que, (la chica) mas guapa, guapisima.

According to my hypothesis, German and English lack this adjective form,
instead these two languages of Germanic origin use hyperboles such as
"bildhuebsch" in German or metaphors such as "pretty as a picture" in

Do you agree with me that some languages make use of hyperboles and/or
metaphors as an alternative expression for Elatives? Are there native
speakers of languages others than the above-mentioned who might kindly
tell me how it works in their language(s)?

Thank in advance for any helpful advice! Of course, I am going to post a
summary of your hopefully numerous and manifold replies, comments, etc.,
too,! Once more, Happy Easter to all of you out there!

Guido Oebel
Saga National University
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Message 2: where could I find Akan phonetic dictionary?

Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 20:11:24 +0200
From: Mindaugas Kiaupas <>
Subject: where could I find Akan phonetic dictionary?

Dear all,

I am writing a paper on Akan language for my phonetic class in the college.
For this reason I need Akan phonetic dictionary or any Akan dictionary.
Could somebody direct me where I could find those or any resources related
to Akan.
I have checked the websites that can be found performing the search on the
search engines - there are only very superficial information.

Thank you in advance,
Kind regards,

icq: 109507509
tel/fax: (3706) 365628

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