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Books: General Linguistics: NELS 32 Proceedings

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  1. glsa, General Linguistics: NELS 32 Proceedings by Mako Hirotani (ed.)

Message 1: General Linguistics: NELS 32 Proceedings by Mako Hirotani (ed.)

Date: Fri, 05 Apr 2002 12:50:35 -0500 (EST)
From: glsa <>
Subject: General Linguistics: NELS 32 Proceedings by Mako Hirotani (ed.)

NELS 32, Conference Proceedings

Masako Hirotani (ed.).
Proceedings of the Northeast Linguistic Society (NELS) 32, 
The City University of New York and New York University
Book, 2 volumes (not sold separately), $34
For ordering information, visit our web page:

- Domain-initial strengthening and the phonetics and phonology of
positional neutralization -Jonathan Barnes
- Expletives Move - Zeljko Bokovic
- Heavy constituent extraposition: experimental evidence for parallel 
processing - Jocelyn Cohan, Hugo Quen�, Ren� Kager and Sieb Nooteboom
- A Linguistic Argument for Indeterministic Futures- Bridget Copley
- Prosody and Wh-questions - Masanori Deguchi and Yoshihisa Kitagawa
- Conflation and Scales	-Paul de Lacy
- Prosodic Disambiguation In Silent Reading -Janet Dean Fodor
- The effect of prosody on glottal stop deletion in Capanahua -Carolina 
- Even-NPIs in Questions-Elena Guerzoni
- The Ingredients of Essentially Plural Predicates -Martin Hackl
- A Source-Filter Model for Generative Metrics- Daniel Currie Hall
- Ellipsis and Movement in the Syntax of Whether/Q...or Questions-Chung-hye 
Han and Maribel Romero
- Agent-Based Modeling of the Evolution of Vowel Harmony-K. David Harrison, 
Mark Dras, and Berk Kapicioglu
- On the Temporal Dimension of Counterfactuality -Michela Ippolito
- Children's Understanding of Principle B in ACD Constructions-Hirohisa 
Kiguchi and Rosalind Thornton
- A Typology of Psych Passives - Idan Landau
- Deriving PS-Paradoxes by Conditions on Merge	-Winfield Lechner
- Anaphoric R-Expressions: Bound Names as Bound Variables -Felicia Lee
- Negative Adverbs are Neither Adv nor Neg- M. Rita Manzini and Leonardo M. 
- The Morphosyntax of Finno-Urgic Case-marking: a DM account -Thomas McFadden
- Aspect and Adverbial Quantification in Spanish -Paula Men�ndez-Benito
- Turkish /h/ deletion: evidence for the interplay of speech perception and 
phonology- Jeff Mielke
- Specification is Not Inverted Predication- Line Hove Mikkelsen
- On Japanese Associative Plurals - Kimiko Nakanishi and Satoshi Tomioka
- Counterfactuality without Past Tense - Andrew Ira Nevins
- No Vacuous Quantification Constraints in Syntax - Christopher Potts
- Subject and Specificity: The Case of Tagalog- Andrea Rackowski
- Lowering and Cyclicity: Attraction by X from Spec XP -Norvin Richards
- Understanding Cyclic Spell-Out - Andrew Simpson and Zoe Wu
- A-Chains and S-Homophones in Children's Grammar: Evidence from Greek 
Passives -Arhonto Terzi and Ken Wexler
- Neighborhood Density and the Root-Affix Distinction -Adam Ussishkin and 
Andrew Wedel
- Yuhup Prosodic Morphology and a Case of Augmentation -Rachel Walker
- Subject Case in Turkic Subordinate Clauses: Kazakh, Turkish and Tuvan 
-G�lat Aygen 

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