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Tue Apr 9 2002

Qs: Describing Accents, Discourse of Magic

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  1. Lars Anders Kulbrandstad, Describing foreign and domestic accents
  2. arran stibbe, the discourse of magic

Message 1: Describing foreign and domestic accents

Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 15:04:40 +0200
From: Lars Anders Kulbrandstad <>
Subject: Describing foreign and domestic accents

Describing and quantifying foreign and domestic accents

I am seaking volonteers for a survey of expressions used to
describe and quantify various kinds of accented speech.
In Norwegian we say e.g. that people speak "gebrokkent"
(broken) or that they have a "bred" (broad), "tjukk" (thick)
or "svak" (weak) accent. What expressions do you have for such
things in your language? Please go to and fill in the question form. Your
cooperation will be highly appreciated. 

Lars Anders Kulbrandstad
Hedmark University College, Norway
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Message 2: the discourse of magic

Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 16:56:27 +0900
From: arran stibbe <>
Subject: the discourse of magic

The Discourse of Magic

Although there is a huge amount of research on representation of women
in pornography, there seems to be very little about the representation
of women in magic shows. This is despite the fact that semi-naked
women are symbolically impaled, dismembered, burned and restored under
the complete control of the (usually male) magician. I am working on a
paper about the discourse of magic shows but am having difficulty
finding books, papers or even internet sites which critically analyse
the discourse of magic shows.

If anyone has some ideas, or references of any kind then please let me
know (by email).


Arran Stibbe
Associate Professor
Chikushi Jogakuen University

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