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Thu May 1 2003

Confs: Morphology/Catania, Sicily

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  1. ge.booij, 4th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting

Message 1: 4th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting

Date: Tue, 29 Apr 2003 06:04:10 +0000
From: ge.booij <>
Subject: 4th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting

4th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting 
Short Title: MMM 4

Date: 20-Sep-2003 - 23-Sep-2003
Location: Catania, Sicily, Macau
Contact: Salvatore Sgroi
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: Morphology

Meeting Description:

Biannual meeting on morphology, with focus on theoretical and
typological issues. 

MMM4 Catania, Sicily, 21-23 September 2003

Organized by Geert Booij (Free University Amsterdam), Angeliki Ralli
(University of Patras), Sergio Scalise (University of Bologna) and
Salvatore Sgroi (University of Catania)

Morphology and linguistic typology

Sunday 21 September

9.00-9.30 Opening session

9.30-10.20 Wolfgang Dressler, University of Vienna (invited speaker)
Morphological Typology and First Language Acquisition: Some Mutual

10.20-11.00 Vladimir A. Plungian & Mikhail A. Daniel, University of
Moscow, Aspects of Agglutination. Parameter of Affix Mobility

11.00-11.40 Rachel Nordlinger, University of Melbourne & Louisa
Sadler, University of Essex, A Realizational Approach to Multiple Case

11.40-12.00 break

12.00-12.40 Geoffrey Horrocks, University of Cambridge & Melita
Stavrou, University of Thessaloniki
Morphological Aspect and Aktionsart; Consequences for the
Lexicalization of Semantic Properties.

12.40-13.20 Ali Idrissi & Eva Kehayia, McGill University
On the Necessity of the Distinction between Morpheme-
and Word based Morphology: Internal and External Evidence


14.30-15.20 Paul Kiparsky, Stanford University (invited speaker)
Competition, Blocking, and Neutralization in Inflectional Morphology

15.20-16.00 Andrew Spencer, University of Essex
		On the Order of 'Meaningful Elements'

16.00-16.40 Ivan Derzhanski, Bulgarian Academy of Science
		On Diminutive Plurals and Plural Diminutives

16.40-17.00 break

17.00-17-40 Jan Don, University of Amsterdam
		Categories in the Lexicon

17.40-18.20 Berthold Crysmann, German Research Center for Artificial
Intelligence (DFKI), Hausa Final Vowel Shortening - Phrasal Allomorphy
or Inflectional Category?

18.20-19.00 Nicola Grandi (Universit� di Milano - Bicocca) and Fabio
Montermini (CNRS and Universit� Toulouse Le Mirail)
		Prefix-suffix Neutrality in Evaluative Morphology

19.00-19.40 Annamaria Disciullo, Universit� du Qu�bec � Montr�al
		Heads and Affixal Asymmetry

Monday 22 September

9.00-9.30 Opening: (authorities)

9.30-10.20 Grev Corbett, University of Surrey (invited speaker)
		Typology of the morphological extreme

10.20-11.00 Livio Gaeta, Universit� di Torino
		Word Formation and Typology: Which Language Universals?

11.00-11.40 Mark Aronoff, SUNY Stony Brook, Irit Meir, University of
Haifa, Carol Padden, University of California, San Diego, Wendy
Sandler, University of Haifa Morphological Universals and the Sign
Language Type

11.40-12.00 break

12.00-12.40 Matthew Baerman, University of Surrey,
		Typology and the Formal Modelling of Syncretism

12.40-13.20 Stephen R. Anderson, Yale University
		Diachrony, Acquisition and Morphological Universals


14.30-15.20 poster session

15.20-16.00 Antonio F�bregas (Universidad Aut�noma de Madrid and
Istituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset)
Universals and Grammatical Categories: a Distributed
Morphology Analysis of Spanish color Nouns

16.00-16.40 David Gil, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary
Anthropology Leipzig, Can there be a Language without Words?

16.40-17.00 break

17.00-17-40 Alice C. Harris, State University of New York, Stony Brook
		On the Explanation of Typologically Unusual Structures

17.40-18.20 Marian Klamer, University of Leiden
Explaining Structural and Semantic Asymmetries in
Morphological Typology

18.20-19.00 Martin Maiden, University of Oxford
		'Diseased' vs. 'Normal' Morphology? Is the Typological
Distinction Healthy?

19.00-19.50 Franz Rainer, Wirtschaftsuniversit�t Wien (invited
speaker) Typology, Diachrony, and Universals of Semantic Change: a
Romanist's Look at the Agent-instrument-place Polysemy.

Alternate Papers:

Andrew Koontz-Garboden & Beth Levin, Stanford University The
Morphological Typology of Change of State Event Encoding

Fran�ois Nemo, University of Orl�ans Morphemes and Lexemes versus
Morphemes or Lexemes?

Tore Nesset, University of Troms� Rule Counting vs. Rule Ordering:
Universal Principles of Rule Interaction in Gender Assignment

Tuesday 23 September

Outing with informal discussions of morphological typology and other

Poster session

Paolo Acquaviva, University College Dublin
The Morphosemantics of ''Transnumeral'''Nouns'

Lev Blumenfeld, Stanford University 
Middle, Passive, and the structure of the Ancient Greek Verb

Eul�lia Bonet, Universitat Aut�noma de Barcelona, Maria-Rosa Lloret,
Universitat de Barcelona Joan Mascar�, Universitat Aut�noma de
Barcelona, Atypical Gender Allomorphy

Darya Kavitskaya, Yale University
The Resolution of Noun Class Assignment to Loan Words in Czech

Jaume Matheu, Universitat Aut�noma de Barcelona
The Nominal in the Progressive Revisited: Evidence from Language

Gaurav Mathur, Haskins Laboratories & Christian Rathmann The
University of Texas at Austin Cross-Linguistic Variation in Verb
Agreement Across Signed Languages

Jaap van Marle, Open University Heerlen
Some Remarks on Stem-based versus Word-based Morphological Systems

Irit Meir, University of Haifa, Typology and Boundaries: The
Acquisition of a New Morphological Boundary by Modern Hebrew

Irina Nikolaeva, University of Konstanz, A Challenge to the Typology
of Agreement: NP-internal Person Agreement

Roland Pfau, University of Amsterdam and Markus Steinbach, Johannes
Gutenberg-Universit�t Deutsches Institut - Mainz, Pluralization in
German Sign Language: Constraints and Strategies

Pavol tekauer, Preov University, On the Predictability of Novel
Context-free Coinages

Sergei Tatevosov, Moscow State University, Derivational Attenuatives
Cross-linguistically: Surveying Semantic Ingredients

Jochen Trommer, University of Osnabrueck, The Typology of
Hierarchy-based Competition

Sponsors of the Meeting: 

Facolt� di Lettere e Filosofia, Universit� di Catania
Dipartimento di Filologia Moderna, Universit� di Catania
Assessorato alla Cultura di Catania
Provincia di Catania
Dipartimento di Lingue e Letterature Straniere Moderne - Universit�
di Bologna
Faculteit der Letteren, Vrije Universiteit - Amsterdam.

The meeting will take place in The Facolt� di Lettere e Filosofia 
(also known as ''Il Monastero'', Piazza Dante 32, 95124 Catania)
Saturday 20 afternoon: reception
Sunday 21 and Monday 22: meeting
Tuesday 23: social outing
Congress fees: 60 Euros
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