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Sun May 4 2003

Media: NYT: Arts: Chinese writing

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  1. Karen Chung, Media: NYT: Arts: Chinese writing

Message 1: Media: NYT: Arts: Chinese writing

Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 18:26:20 +0800
From: Karen Chung <>
Subject: Media: NYT: Arts: Chinese writing

 The Arts section of the May 3, 2003 online edition of the New York
Times has the following article:

 Writing as a Block for Asians
 By Emily Eakin

 The first two paragraphs:

 Western theories about Chinese writing have often been tainted by
ignorance and prejudice, oscillating between wide-eyed veneration and
smug disdain.

 Though he could not read Chinese, Leibniz, for example, held it in
high repute, dreaming of a universal script �X intelligible to
speakers of all languages �X modeled on Chinese characters. By
contrast, Hegel dismissed Chinese "hieroglyphics" as primitive. More
recently, Ezra Pound, a famous admirer and translator of Chinese
poetry, helped spread the still-popular misconception that Chinese
characters are simply "ideograms": visual symbols of things and ideas.

 The URL:

 Karen Steffen Chung

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