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  1. Akinbiyi Akinlabi, 4th World Congress of African Linguistics

Message 1: 4th World Congress of African Linguistics

Date: Fri, 2 May 2003 22:35:12 -0400 (EDT)
From: Akinbiyi Akinlabi <>
Subject: 4th World Congress of African Linguistics

4th World Congress of African Linguistics

Date: 17-Jun-2003 - 22-Jun-2003
Location: New Brunswick, NJ, United States of America
Contact: Akinbiyi Akinlabi
Contact Email:

Linguistic Subfield: General Linguistics

Meeting Description:

When World Congress of African Linguistics was started in 1994, the
original concept was (and remains) to provide a periodic worldwide forum
for the community of scholars working on the linguistics of African
languages both within and outside Africa to get together, to present
current research and exchange ideas. The primary goal of the congress is
to bring Europeans, Americans and Africans together physically.

Unlike any other gathering of scholars of African linguistics, WOCAL takes
place once every three years and is rotated among the different
continents. This is the first time that the congress is coming to North

Program Information:


Wed June 18: Session 1

Morphology 1: (Reduplication) 10.30-12.30
Reduplication and Negation in Eleme
Gregory D. S. Anderson and Oliver R. Bond
A Semantic Hierarchy in Reduplication
Mayrene Bentley
Frequentative Reduplication in Bilin
Paul D. Fallon
Prefixal reduplication in Lusaamia: evidence from morphology
Michael R. Marlo

Morphology 2: (Pluralization/Affixation) 2.00-4.00
Morph�mes transcat�goriels et diachronie: le cas de diggante en wolof
Lo�c-Michel PERRIN
Stem and Root problem revisited
N.N. Mathonsi
Traces of a secret language - Circumfixes in Hone (Jukun) plurals
Anne Storch
Reduplication and plurality in Legb�
Imelda Icheji Udoh

Morpho/phono: (Loan) 4.30-6.30
The role of phonology in loanword adaptation: evidence from Sesotho
Yvan Rose, Patrick Tonks, Katherine Demuth
Coda Deletion in Yoruba Loan Phonology
Oluseye Adesola
Yoruba Loan Words in Hausa
Akin Oyetade and Malami Buba
The reduplicant in Kisukuma recent loans
Masangu Matondo

Wed June 18: Session 2

Phonology 1: (Tone 1) 10.30-12.30
High Tone Spreading and the OCP in Chilungu
Lee S. Bickmore
Marked tones and texture - the necessity of High tones in K_nni
Michael Cahill
Contour Tones in Dholuo and Lango
Peter Avery
Tone assignment in Malawian Tonga and optimality theory
Al Mtenje

Phonology 2: 2.00-4.00
Constraint-driven variation in subsegmental representations
Laura J. Downing
Word minimality and non-surface-apparent opacity in Mono
Kenneth S. Olson
Glide formation and elision in Emai - a reanalysis
Francis Egbokhare
Level Ordering and Economy of Hausa Verbal System
Baba -Waziri, Ibrahim

Phonology 3: 4.30-6.30
ATR harmony in Wolof and Maasai: A case for positional faithfulness
and alignment
Anastasia Riehl
A sonority constraint in Hausa
Kyung-Im Han
Markedness, Agreement, and the Lexicon
Ahmadu Ndanusa Kawu
A case for constraint suppression in optimality theory
Francis O. Oyebade

Wed June 18: Session 3

Socio-Linguisics 1: (Lexicography) 10.30-12.30
The making of an electronic database for a Yoruba dictionary: From a
bilingual to a multilingual format
Liberman, M.Y. and Yiwola Awoyale
The Pragmatism of Amharic Monolingual Dictionaries.
Thomas Leuelseged
What way forward for Zulu lexicography?
Michel LAFON
The representation of the verb category in a dictionary of
contemporary Yoruba
Liberman, M.Y & Awoyale, Y.

Socio-Linguisics 2: (Language Teaching) 2.00-4.00
The impact of the use of Vernacular Languages in African Schools
Wahid Manaye
Towards mother tongue education in South Africa: The teaching and
learning of Grade 4 Science through the medium of isiXhosa
Vuyokazi Nomlomo
Developing Pedagogical Grammars of African Languages:
Inter-disciplinary Dialogues Among Linguists, Didacticians and
Language Teachers
Hassana Alidou, Viviana Galdames, Ingrid Jung , Moses Kambou, Aissa
Sanou, and Bazombi� Bayala

Socio-Linguisics 3: (Language Policy 1) 4.30-6.30
The Dilemma of the Ugandan Language Policy in Education
Kizza Mukasa Jackson
Language policies of Senegal: their implications for the development
of African languages
Unyierie Angela Idem-Agozino
Language and Regional Integration: Foreign or African Languages for
the African Union?
E.S. Mohochi
Language planning in a diversified society: the Nigerian experience
Oyeniyi Abe

Wed June 18: Session 4

Syntax 1: (Anaphora/Reference) 10.30-12.30
On person as a model for logophoricity
Ken Safir
Les pronoms logophoriques en gbaya de Centrafrique
Paulette Roulon-Doko
The Distribution of Wolof Pronominal Clitics
Margaret A. Russell
The reciprocal-stative in Swahili
Alexis Dimitriadis and Amanda Seidl.

Syntax 2: (Locatives) 2.00-4.00
Are there really 'locative subjects' in Tswana?
Denis Creissels
Locative Arguments in Bantu
Josephat M. Rugemalira
Location expressions in Northern Sotho
G. K. Beynen
Locative Predication in an Ethiopian Semitic Language
Weldu Michael Weldyesus

Syntax 3: (Interface with Phonology/Morphology) 4.30-6.30
The Grammar of the Initial Vowel in Kikerewe
David Odden
The Morpho-syntax of the A-bar Dependency in Buli
Ken Hiraiwa
The relevance of morpho-syntax in discourse
Helga Schr�der
On the phonosyntactic dimension of negation in Asa
Onwugbufor Akobundu

Wed June 18: Session 5

Phonetics 1: 10.30 - 12.30
Laryngeal Control in Berber Obstruants: A fiberscopic, acoustic and
photoglottographic study
Rachid Ridouane
Pitch Realization of Questions vs statements in Mambila
Bruce Connell
A study of quantity in Twi: some phonological considerations and
preliminary acoustic analyses
The Phonetic Inventory of the 21/2 to 31/2 Years Old Ibibio Children
Ekaete Evangel Akpan

Syntax 4: (Negation) 2.00-4.00
Negation Marking Asymmetry in Bantu Languages
Deo Ngonyani
Kanuri negation patterns in their areal linguistic context
Norbert Cyffer
Sentential and Constituent Negation in Lingala: a Unified Analysis
Brent Henderson
Negation in Southwestern Edoid

Syntax 5: 4.30-6.30
Verbs structure in Gbe languages
Maxime Da CRUZ
The Syntax of Yoruba
Oladiipo Ajiboye
Balanta Synthetic and Root Compounds and the Morphology-Syntax
Kirsten Fudeman
La categorie 'adjectivo-verbal' en Pana (langue gurunsi au Burkina et
au Mali.
Klaus Beyer

Thurs June 19: Session 1

Symposium on Endangered Languages 1: 10.30-12.30
Language and linguistic diversity under threat: language endangerment
on the African continent
Matthias Brenzinger
The Role of the External Setting in Language Shift and Death
Herman M. Batibo
Language death within Atlantic: Survival strategies and language
G. Tucker CHILDS
Language Endangerment in Nigeria: Perspectives with the Akpes Cluster
of Akoko Languages
Solomon Oluwole Oyetade

Symposium on Endangered Languages 2: 2.00-4.00
Language Marginalization: the Lower Cross Experience
Eno-Abas E. Urua
Rescue the perishing: towards a revival of Setaung minority language
of Lesotho
Dele O. Akindele
Igbo Language, Endangerment and Empowerment
The endangered status of maginalised languages: Sosan and Ipe as case
T. O. Agoyi (Mrs.) and F. O. Oyebade

Phonology -Phonetics: (Vowels) 4.30-6.30
Transparency in Lokaa vowel harmony
Akinbiyi Akinlabi and Alex Iwara
Heads, dependents, and complexity in Shona vowel height harmony.
Chiara Frigeni and Daniel Currie Hall
Strange Vowel Height Alternations in Gehimbaka (B-30 Gabon)
Myles Leitch and Jean-Paul Rekanga
Effects of vowel type and position on vowel duration in Kinyarwanda
Scott Myers

Thurs June 19: Session 2

Phonology 4: (Segmental Phonology) 10.30-12.30
Underspecification revisited: [-ATR] dominance and default [+ATR] in
Bantu C (19)
Roderic F. Casali and Myles Leitch
Interaction of segmental and suprasegmental features in phonology and
morphotonology of the
Kabiye language (a Gur language of Togo).
Kezie Koyenzi Lebikaza
On the prosodological structure of Herero (Bantu R.30)
Wilhelm J.G. M�ehlig
La relative optimale bas�a et l'optionnalit�
madeleine ngo ndjeyiha

Phonology 5: (Tone 2) 2.00-4.00
Tone and demonstrative constructions in Edo
Harrison Adeniyi
Tone Concord in Ngwo
Mrs. NJWE nee AMAH Eyovi
Tone Economy Principle and Optimal Orthography
Ettien Koffi
Tone assignment on morphological elements: the case of Lunyala nominal
Yvonne E. Oluoch

Phonology 6: (Misc) 4.30-6.30
Vowels in the Cangin Languages (3)
Ursula Drolc
Vowel interactions in the Sara languages (30)
James Roberts
A Prosodic Approach to the Distribution of -ya- in Xhosa (16)
Sabine Zerbian, Phonological phrasing in Sandawe (23)
Yoshihito Dobashi

Thurs June 19: Session 3

Socio-Linguisics 4: (Sign Language and Interpretation) 10.30-12.30
Kenyan sign language (KSL): a comparative analysis of planned and
unplanned discourse.
Jefwa G. Mweri
Developing a language in a complex situation: prospects and challenges
of Tanzanian sign language
H.R.T. Muzale
Interpretation Services in a Multilingual Malawian Referral Hospital
Gregory Kamwendo
Linguistic Differences Between Speaking and Writing: Evidence from
Ghanaian Languages
Tristan Purvis

Socio-Linguisics 5: (Language Contact) 2.00-4.00
Le sheng, langue vernaculaire des jeunes des " ghettos " de Nairobi:
Un exemple d.hybridation
Ferrari Aur�lia
When Africans Became Black: Identification and the Politics of (B)ESL
Awad Ibrahim
La construction dune representation de la scripturalite dune langue
maternelle africaine en milieu plurilettre: le pulaar (langue peule),
l.arabe et le francais au
Fuuta Tooro (Senegal et Mauritanie).
Marie-Eve Homery-Dieng
Vers une description sociolinguistique du processus de disparition des
Ti�fo au Burkina Faso.
Mamadou Lamine SANOGO

Socio-Linguisics 6: (Language Policy 2) 4.30-6.30
Multilingualism or Harmonisation? The Case of South African Language
Chaka Chaka and Sara Motsei

Langues transnationales (Wolof, Pulaar, Dioula), Nouvelles
Technologies de l.Information et de la Communication (NTIC) et Nouveau
Partenariat pour le D�veloppement de l.Afrique (NEPAD)
Daouda M.bengue
Language as impediment to popular democratic participation: the case of
the English language in Nigeria
Dahiru Muhammad Argungu
Nigeria Languages: Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century
Adedotun Ogundeji

Thurs June 19: Session 4

Syntax 6: (Tense/Aspect) 10.30-12.30

The Tense-Aspect Structure of Kinande meets Morphosyntactic Theory
Mark C. Baker
.Still. and .No longer. as inherent sub-categories of the Bantu past
Silvester Ron Simango
Some Notes on Grammaticalization in Amharic Tense System.
Laura Lykowska
Tense and cognitive space: Evidence for a multi-dimensional model
Robert Botne and Tiffany L. Kershner

Syntax 7: (Verb Serialization) 2.00-4.00
Tense parameters and serial verbs
Victor Manfredi
The giraffes burst throw emerge climb pass through the roof of the
hut.: Verbal serialization in the Western Ring languages of Cameroon
Roland KieBling
The development of verb serialization-one modal.
F. K. Erhard Voeltz
Constructions Serielles et Composes Verbaux et Fon
Ren�e Lambert

Syntax 8: 4.30-6.30
Nominal secondary predicates in Supyire
Robert Carlson
Cardinal Numerals of the Nilo-Saharan Languages
Zelealem Leyew
Agreement Omission in Nairobi Swahili
Kamil Ud Deen
A contrastive Analysis of the Grammatical and Syntactic Structures of
English and Sierra Leone Krio.
Ernest Cole

Thurs June 19: Session 5

Semantics/Pragmatics 1: 10.30-12.30
Pragmatics, Ideology and Point of view: Exploring the construction of
Gender Identity in the Setswana Language.
Connie Rapoo
Point of View and Semantic Relations in Hausa: Interaction of Forms
and Functions
Zygmunt Frajzyngier and Mohammed Munkaila
Remoteness and Foregrounding in Chisukwa Discourse and Narrative
Tiffany L. Kershner
The Function of Demonstratives in Zulu: A Discourse Analysis
Audrey N. Mbeje

Semantics/Pragmatics 2: 2.00-4.00
The pragmatics of accounts giving in political communication in Xhosa
Mawande Dlali
A pragmatic analysis of persuasion in Xhosa
P Nomsa Satyo
Information structure in the eastern subgroup of the Oti-Volta Gur
Brigitte Reineke
The Pragmatics of Nigerian English: A Reflection of Nigerian
Indigenous Languages.

Semantics/Pragmatics 3: 4.30-6.30
A state-of-the-art computational description of Zulu morphology, using
finite-state networks
Sonja E Bosch and Laurette Pretorius
Automatic Word Sense Disambiguation of Kiswahili words
Wanjiku Nganga
The treatment of semantics in Bantu language history
Axel Fleisch
Filling or creating gaps: proverbs and implicature in conversational
Ayo Ayodele.

 Sat June 21: Session 1

Historical Linguistics: 10.30-12.30
West Cushitic - a Genetic Reality
Habil. Andrzej Zaborski
Pronominal compounds in Southern African Khoisan and their historical
Tom Gueldemann
Genetic relationship - the case of (Ru-)Kwangali, (Oshi-)Kwanyama and
(Oshi) Ndonga
habil. K. Leg�re
Two Approaches to the Genetic Unity of Southern Khoisan
Rachel Hastings

Predicative Syntax Workshop 1: (General Issues ) 2.00-4.00
Distributed predicative syntax in Western Mande: An overview
Raimund Kastenholz
The distributive predicate in Kulango (Gur)
Stefan Elders
Object marking in Bantu
C. Lietz, D. Nurse, and S. Rose
Bidirectional Case Marking in S-infl-O-... West African Languages
Jeffrey Heath

Predicative Syntax Workshop 2: (Word Order) 4.30-6.30
Genetic or Areal? The S-Aux-O-V syntagm in the Atlantic languages
G. Tucker Childs
S-AUX-0-V- Other in Africa: Typological and Areal Perspective
Orin Gensler and Tom Guldemann
Cushitic Languages as SPOV (X) Languages
Maarten Mous
A Typology of Adamawa S Pred O V X Phenomenon
Stefan Elders

 Sat June 21: Session 2

Phonology 7: 10.30-12.30
Phonological History and the Seriation of Loanword Histories in
Christopher Ehret
Translingual borrowing: Luganda words of Arabic origin
A linguistic analysis of Luyia dialects of Western Kenya
Lynn Kisembe
The phonological basis for an improved Dholuo orthography
Daniel Owino

Phonology 8: (Tone 3) 2.00-4.00
Tone in Lokaa Temporal Expressions
Alexander Iwara
Vowel length, stress, tone and morphology in Nilotic
Leoma Gilley
Tone and Vowel Deletion in Ekiti Yoruba
Olanike Ola Orie
Lexical versus Derived Mid tones in Yor�b�
O. Aj�b�y�, R.-M. D�chaine, B. Gick & D. Pulleyblank

Phonology 9: (Tone 4) 4.30-6.30
Nyore Verbal Tonology
Michael Parrish Key & Mokaya Bosire
Tone shift as epiphenomenal in Kikuyu verbs: .Exceptional. forms are
Heidi Orcutt
Tone on Njem verbs
Tone Rules in Akan
Emmanuel Nicholas Abakah

Sat June 21: Session 3

Socio-Linguisics 6: (Multilingualism 1) 10.30-12.30
Is Africa a Linguistic Area?
Bernd Heine
A study of code-switching among bilinguals in a Pulaar-Hassania speech
community in Kiffa and the role of the first language (Pulaar)
Cross-cultural communication: its implications within the new South
African context
Mulaudzi PA
Language Pockets: the case of Harari (Ethiopian Semitic)
Jack Fallman

Socio-Linguisics 7: 2.00-4.00
Meroitic Nomo vs. Egyptian Tradition
Clyde A. Winter
The status and use of African languages versus Arabic in Sudan
Helene Fatima Idris
The ethnography of communication related to the sexual behaviour of
the Mankon people: a case study into the HIV/AIDS prevention campaign
Raising HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign in Nigerian Indigenous Languages:
The Case Yoruba Radio Drama Series

Sociolinguistics 8: (Yoruba and Language Contact) 4.30-6.30
Probabilistically speaking: A quantitative exploration of Yoruba
speech surrogacy
Tunde Adegbola
The Yoruba Diaspora(s):The influences of Yoruba on the Krio of Sierra
Akin Oyetade
The early stages of creolization: Hausa from Jos (Nigeria)
Nina Pawlak
Contact de langues au Br�sil: les langues africaines et le portugais
Margarida Maria Taddoni Petter

Sat June 21: Session 4

Syntax 9: (Functional Categories) 10.30-12.30
Agr Remnants in Igbo
Peter Ihionu
Tense and V-Movement in Igbo
Sr M.A. Uwalaka
The INFL Category in Igbo
Charles Ogbulogo
The Lamnso. Infl component

Syntax 10: (General/Typology) 2.00-4.00
Northern Songhay nouns: a case of languages in contact
Carlos Beniez-Torres
On Ideophones in African and Asian Languages: The Case of Dagaare and
A. B. Bodomo
Bantu Gender Revisited Through an Analysis of Basaa Categories: A
Typological Perspective
Bertrade B. Ngo-Ngijol Banoum
Personal Inflection in Eleme in Areal-Typological Perspective
Gregory D. S. Anderson and Oliver R. Bond

Syntax 11: (Noun Classes) 4.30-6.30
Null Noun Class Prefixes in Sesotho
Malillo Machobane, Francina Moloi and Katherine Demuth
Some reflections on the noun class system of Kagulu
Malin Petzell
Noun Classes and Concord in Agholo
Caroline Mary Isukul
The Noun-Class System of YAKA (C10)
Constance Kutsch Lojenga

Sat June 21: Session 5

Socio-Linguisics 10: (Translation/Reporting) 10.30-12.30
The role of linguistics in translating Ibibio proverbs and idioms into
English and French
Effiong Ekpenyong
The Hegemony of English in Tanzania: Discourses of Globalization from
Interview Data
Christina Higgins
Markers of Management and Interaction in Swahili Conversation
Philip W. Rudd
Linguistic strategies employed in newspaper reporting: the Yoruba
Osunnuga Olutola

Socio-Linguisics 11: (Linguistic Features) 2.00-4.00
Creativity and interactivity in Fon proverbs
Parle des vieux / parle des jeunes chez les .Kotoko. de Goulfey
Henry Tourneux
The body as a Human experience metaphor in Kinyarwanda
Alexandre Kimenyi
L'expression linguistique de l'espace en Fulfulde

Onomastics: 4.30-5.30
1. Structural Analyis of Zulu Personal Names as a sociolinguistic
Sihawukele Ngubane
2. Diachronic Cognitive Onomasiology: Comparative data from Bantu
pottery terms
Koen Bostoeni

Sun June 22: Session 1

Benue-Congo Workshop 1: 9.00-11.00
Voiced implosives in a tentative Niger-Congo reconstruction
Kay Williamson
The Alumic languages: an unknown group of Plateau languages from
Central Nigeria
Roger Blench
Typology of Word classes in Jukun
Anne Storch
Reconstruction of Initial Consonants of Proto Benue-Congo:Insights
from Inter-branch Comparisons
Chinyere Ohiri-Aniche

Afternoon 1: FREE

Sun June 22: Session 2

Morphology 3: 9.00-11.00
Esquisse de la morphologie nominale du kw�k�m (est-Cameroun, bantu
Fran�ois Belliard
Why phonotactically worse allomorphs may be better: evidence from
Iwona Kraska-Szlenk
Affixation, an aspect of Edo morphology
Igbinosa Abel
Affixation as a word formation process in Edo
B. O. Ayankogbe


Sun June 22: Session 3

Sociolinguistics 11: (Multilingualism 2) 9.00-11.00
Multilingualism in South Africa: a bone of contention in a society in
a state of flux.
M Makgopa
Evaluation de la dynamique d'une situation linguistique sous l'effet de
l'enseignement de la langue maternelle : le cas de quelques langues es
GRASSFIELDS Ouest et Nord Ouest Cameroun
Les mots d.emprunt d.origine arabe dans les langues africaines : Le
cas de Songhay-zarma du Niger
The impact of Amharic on K'abeena
Joachim Crass

Socio-Linguisics 12: (Africa as Linguistic Area) 11.30-1.30
Linguistic evolution in Africa.
Jikong Joyce
Marginalisation of indigeneous African languages: the cases of the
three major Nigerian languages.
S.O. Oluga
Religious Factor in the Strangulation of African languages: A Case
Study of Islam and the Yoruba Language of South-Western Nigeria.
Waheed O. Azeez

Sun June 22: Session 4

Syntax 12: (Constructions) 9.00-11.00
Anti-incorporation and Contact Constructions in Emai
Francis O. Egbokhare and Ronald P. Schaefer
Periphrastic SAY constructions in Chindali (Bantu): Auxiliary -ti as
referential index
Robert Botne
Complementation in Bukusu: A Preliminary Overview
Paul Washburn
The Maa .Antipassive.: the Extensions of Voice
Doris Payne

Syntax 13: (Nouns) 11.30-1.30
.Marked Nominative'': An exotic language type in Africa
Christa Koenig
Non -Verbal Ways of Expressing Events: Syntax and Classification of
Dynamic Nouns in Hausa
Izabela Will
Corpus-based investigation of the Zulu nominal suffix -kazi
(a) Rach�lle Gauton, (b) Gilles-Maurice de Schryver and (c) Lonlae
Ebira noun phrase: A preliminary study
Ayo Yussuf

Sun June 22: Session 5

Syntax 14: (Predicates/Clefts) 9.00-11.00
Where have all the predicate markers gone - predicate markers and
verbal suffixes in Jalonke (Western Mande)
Friederike L�pke
The uses of the Sango verb m� .transfer.
Christina Thornell
The derivational status of predicate cleft constructions: evidence
from Nupe
Jason Kandybowicz
The copulative in Southern Ndebele
Lionel Posthumus,

Syntax 15: 11.30-1.30
An initial syntactic description of Asheron language:A language of the
Nuba mountains.
Suzan Alamin Mubarak
The prosody-syntax interface in focus and topic constructions of Akan
Charles Ofosu Marfo
Focus in Kiha
Lotta Harjula
Possession externe en wolof
Sylvie Nouguier Voisin
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