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Wed May 7 2003

Disc: New: Re: 14.1264, Media: Language Gene

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  1. Theriault Alain, Re: 14.1264, Media: Language Gene

Message 1: Re: 14.1264, Media: Language Gene

Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 13:25:24 -0400
From: Theriault Alain <theriaalMAGELLAN.UMontreal.CA>
Subject: Re: 14.1264, Media: Language Gene

Re Linguist 14.1264
	A program called ''La parole : une histoire de FOX P2''
	(Speech: A story of FOX P2) on the genetics of language, was
	aired on May 4th on a science program (D�couverte), by the
	Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (French)

I did see the programme. Immediatly following, there was a movie
called "L'�volution de l'esp�ce" (the evolution of the specie) on
the evolution of different of pre-human species. When they presented
Neandethal, they insisted on the fact that they could speak and,
therefore, recount, for instance, their first encounter with Homo
Sapiens. Following the movie, Radio-Canada aired the making of of
the movie in which the athropologist who discovered Lucie was
involved. He was saying that since they were physically capable of
modulating sounds, having a larynx and a bucal cavity not that
remote from ours, Neandethal was, therefore, able to speak. In the
Radio Canada programme on FOX P2, it was clearly stated that neander-
thal did not have the FOX-P2 gene and, therefore, like chimps and
other monkeys, could not have language.

Anyone would care to comment on this contradiction? Is the physical
abillity to speak enough in order to have Language or is there a need
for a specific gene?

Thanks to all!

Alain Theriault
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