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Thu May 8 2003

TOC: GLOT International, Vol 7 No 1/2 (2003)

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  1. Soar Kate, GLOT International, Vol 7 No 1/2 (2003)

Message 1: GLOT International, Vol 7 No 1/2 (2003)

Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 14:13:04 +0100
From: Soar Kate <>
Subject: GLOT International, Vol 7 No 1/2 (2003)

We are pleased to announce that Volume 7, Number 1/2 of GLOT
International is now live and available only at Linguist List, through
Blackwell's Linguist List Plus (LL+). Published ten times a year, GLOT
International is provided in electronic form only, which LL+
subscribers are free to download and print for their own use. For
information on subscribing to LL+, or for a sample issue of GLOT, go
to or simply click the Linguist List
Plus link on the Linguist List home page.

In this issue: volume 7, number 1/2


Eric Reuland on Anaphoric dependencies: 
A window into the architecture of the language system

''The literature on long-distance anaphora exemplifies our main
concern in this article: are all relations between anaphors and their
antecedents essentially of the same nature, or do we have to allow for
differ-ent strategies in the grammatical system broadly conceived?''

The Theory And A Language (tTAAL)
Moira Yip on What phonology has learnt from Chinese

Moira Yip's article is the first in a new series, The Theory And A
Language (tTAAL TAAL). In this series we highlight the fruitful
interaction between investigat-ing particular languages and the
development of theory. Each article in the tTAAL TAAL series will shed
light on both sides of the coin. What have we learned about a
particular language that we would probably not have learned without
theory? And: How has the study of a certain language contributed to
the development of the theory. Forthcoming articles in the series are
on Hebrew, Japanese and Irish.


Recent issues in linguistics

Elan Dresher on A moment in Western culture:
World music, postmodernism, and syllable structure

''Does it follow, then, that influences from music and furniture
making make themselves felt in the pages of Glot International? Based
on the above observations, the answer must be yes. Our sense of what
consti-tutes a satisfying explanation derives not just from


Syntactic issues in the English imperative
By Eric Potsdam
Reviewed by Peter Coopmans

Patterned exceptions in phonology
By Kie Ross Zuraw
Reviewed by Wim Zonneveld

Covert modality in non-finite contexts
By Rajesh Bhatt
Reviewed by Anastasia Giannakidou


Next Month!

The Theory And A Language:
James McCloskey on Irish

Winfried Lechner, on comparatives, reviewed by
Katharina Hartmann
Audra Dainora, on intonation, reviewed by
Martine Grice
Column by Neil Smith
. . . among other things
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