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Mon May 12 2003

Qs: Authors' Difficulties with Linguistic Publisher

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  1. James Giangola, Our difficulties with a linguistics publisher

Message 1: Our difficulties with a linguistics publisher

Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 16:03:38 +0000
From: James Giangola <>
Subject: Our difficulties with a linguistics publisher

Fellow Linguists,
Getting a book published is more than the impersonal act of printing
words on a page, binding the pages together, etc. As many of you
know, it can be a very personal, a deeply involving, all-consuming
experience. A well-written book is a labor of love -- as readers, we
often feel this. So as an author, I'm naturally saddened to have to
bring up the topic of publishing company abuses and ''scams.''
Specifically, a number of authors in our field have published books
with a major European publisher, and we have not received a single
penny in royalties -- this has been going on for at least six years
now. (Some LINGUIST LIST readers may recall this matter having been
raised last year, see Linguist 13.329.) Contradictory information about
the issuance of contracts, tax forms, and royalties payments is
rampant in our dealings with this company. Our emails are routinely
ignored. One of us even made a personal appearance at the
publisher's headquarters in Europe, but to no avail.
If you too are experiencing such publishing woes, I (and others) would
greatly appreciate it if you would contact me. My email is:
Thank you!
James Giangola
Voice User Interface Linguist
VoicePartners llc 
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