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Thu May 15 2003

Calls: Variation/PA USA;Deverbal Nouns/France

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  1. nwave, New Ways of Analyzing Variation, PA USA
  2. miller, Deverbal Nouns, France

Message 1: New Ways of Analyzing Variation, PA USA

Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 15:20:03 +0000
From: nwave <>
Subject: New Ways of Analyzing Variation, PA USA

32nd Annual Meeting on New Ways of Analyzing Variation 

Short Title: NWAVE32

Date: 09-OCT-03 - 12-OCT-03
Location: Philadelphia, PA, United States of America
Contact: Bill Labov
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: Sociolinguistics 
Call Deadline: 01-Jun-2003

Meeting Description:

NWAVE32 will be held in Philadelphia from October 9th to 12th, 2003.

Please be reminded that the deadline for electronic submissions for
NWAVE 32 in Philadelphia (Oct 9-12, 2003) is June 1, 2003. Detailed
information on the conference, including tips on maximizing the
acceptability of your abstract may be found at


The theme of this year's NWAVE is Language History and Language
Contact. Papers are solicited on this theme or any other aspect of
linguistic change and variation.

Abstracts should specify the data source, method of sampling if
applicable, an indication of the range and quantity of the data, and
the principal findings of the analysis. If the abstract describes a
substantial body of work and a significant addition to current
knowledge of the field, there is a high probability of acceptance. If
you choose to submit an abstract concerning work not yet completed, or
a paper of a more general nature, the likelihood of acceptance will
depend upon the judges' best effort to evaluate the significance of
the work.

Presentation format: Session speakers will have 20 minutes for their
presentations and 5 minutes for discussion and questions. NWAVE 32 is
also planning to highlight a substantial poster session, which will be
held in the atrium of Huntsman Hall. Special arrangements will be made
for those who would like to have posters printed in advance by
submitting a .pdf file.

Joint authorship: You may submit two abstracts if both are by joint
authors. Otherwise, only one abstract will be considered from an

Submission: Email abstracts to, using the
following guidelines:

* Please limit abstracts to 500 words (not including title and
* Provide two or three keywords at the end of the abstract.
* Type either ''Abstract-Poster,'' ''Abstract-Paper,'' or
''Abstract-Either'' in the subject line of the email message,
depending on which presentation format you prefer.
* In the body of the email, indicate your name, affiliation, email
address (if it will change over the summer), and the title of your
* You may either include your abstract within the body of your email
or submit it as an attachment. Please keep in mind that abstracts will
be forwarded to a panel of referees as part of an anonymous review
process. If you attach your abstract, do not include your name within
the attachment itself, and use a standard file format such as .doc,
.rtf, .txt, .html, or .pdf. If your abstract includes phonetic fonts
or extensive formatting, submit a .pdf file with fonts embedded.

Deadline: Abstracts are due Sunday, June 1, 2003. Authors can expect
notification of acceptance or rejection by July 1, 2003.

Proceedings: Selected papers from NWAVE 32 will be published in the
Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. Proceedings from past NWAVE
conferences are also available for sale.

Please contact us at with any questions or

We look forward to reading your abstracts and to seeing as many of you
as possible in Philly in October.

The NWAVE 32 Committee
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Message 2: Deverbal Nouns, France

Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 04:33:53 +0000
From: miller <>
Subject: Deverbal Nouns, France

International Conference on Deverbal Nouns 

Short Title: deverbal nouns

Date: 23-Sep-2004 - 25-Sep-2004
Location: Lille, France
Contact: Daniele Monseur
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics 
Call Deadline: 15-Feb-2004

Meeting Description:

International conference on deverbal nouns 
(Version fran�aise ci-dessous)
Universit� Lille 3
23-25 septembre 2004

Invited Speakers: Artemis Alexiadou (Universit�t Stuttgart), David
Dowty (Ohio State University), Jane Grimshaw (Rutger's University),
Fran�oise Kerleroux (Universit� Paris 10)

Call for papers

Deverbal nouns are a crucial topic of linguistic inquiry because their
analysis involves problems of morphology, syntax and semantics and can
shed light on the interfaces between these components. Abstracts are
invited on all questions pertaining to deverbal nouns, including

- The different morphological processes constructing nouns from verbs
- How these morphological processes influence the syntactic and
semantic properties of the resulting noun
- The relationship between the argument structure of the source verb
and that of the resulting noun
- The relationship between the syntactic subcategorization properties
of the source verb and those of the resulting deverbal noun
- The semantic interpretation of deverbal nouns and its links to
argument structure, subcategorization, and morphology
- The status of nouns which are semantically linked to a verbal
predicate without there being any morphological relationship between
the two.
- The status of gerunds and other intermediate forms between nouns and
- Comparative and typological studies of deverbal nouns
- Studies of the choice in discourse between an NP headed by a
deverbal noun and a finite clause headed by the source verb

Submissions on other languages than English and French will also be
welcome. Talks will be delivered in English or French.

Abstracts must be anonymous will be a maximum of 1000 words long on 2
A4 pages and will preferably be submitted electronically in .pdf
format to (in case you cannot produce
.pdf, we will also accept .rtf, .doc, and .ps files). 

If you cannot submit electronically, we will accept submissions by
ordinary mail as long as they arrive before the deadline. Deadline
for submissions: 15 February 2004 Information about the conference
will be kept up to date on

Colloque international sur les noms d�verbaux
Universit� Lille 3
23-25 septembre 2004

Conf�renciers invit�s : Artemis Alexiadou (Universit�t Stuttgart),
David Dowty (Ohio State University), Jane Grimshaw (Rutger's
University), Fran�oise Kerleroux (Universit� Paris 10)

Les noms d�verbaux sont un domaine de recherche particuli�rement
int�ressant en linguistique parce qu'ils sont au carrefour de la
morphologie, de la syntaxe et de la s�mantique. Ils fournissent donc
un champ empirique id�al pour �tudier les interfaces entre ces
diff�rents composants de la th�orie linguistique. Nous souhaitons
des r�sum�s de communications sur toutes les questions concernant
les noms d�verbaux, entre autres:

- Les diff�rents proc�d�s morphologiques permettant de construire des
noms � partir de verbes
- L'effet de ces proc�d�s morphologiques sur la syntaxe et la
s�mantique du nom r�sultant
- Les relations entre la structure argumentale du verbe source et
celle du nom r�sultant
- Les relations entre les propri�t�s de sous-cat�gorisation du verbe
source et celles du nom r�sultant
- L'interpr�tation s�mantique des noms d�verbaux et ses liens avec la
structure argumentale, la sous-cat�gorisation et la morphologie.
- Le statut des noms qui sont s�mantiquement apparent�s � un
pr�dicat verbal, sans qu'il n'y ait une relation morphologique entre
les deux
- Le statut des g�rondifs et des autres formes interm�diaires entre
noms et verbes
- Des �tudes typologiques et comparatistes des noms d�verbaux.
- Etudes des conditions de choix en discours entre un SN ayant pour
t�te un nom d�verbal et une phrase finie ayant pour t�te le verbe

Les propositions des communications sur des langues autres que
l'anglais et le fran�ais seront �galement bien venues. Les langues
de communication seront l'anglais et le fran�ais.

Les r�sum�s doivent �tre anonymes et seront au maximum de 1000 mots
sur 2 pages A4 et seront de pr�f�rence transmis �lectroniquement �
l'adresse sous la forme d'un fichier .pdf
(en cas d'impossibilit� de produire du .pdf des documents .rtf, .doc
ou .ps seront accept�s).

En cas d'impossibilit� de fournir une version �lectronique, nous
accepterons les soumissions par courrier ordinaire pour autant
qu'elles arrivent avant la date limite.

Date limite de r�ception des r�sum�s: le 15 f�vrier 2004
Les informations concernant le colloque seront maintenues � jour sur
le site:
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