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Thu May 15 2003

Qs: Linguistics Videos; Evaluative Morphology

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  1. Fay Wouk, Insight Media videos for teaching
  2. Nicola Grandi, Evaluative prefixes and suffixes

Message 1: Insight Media videos for teaching

Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 21:38:37 +0000
From: Fay Wouk <>
Subject: Insight Media videos for teaching

I want to get some vidoes to supplement teaching in an intorudctory
survey course that covers sociolinguistics, anthropological
linguistics and psycholinguistics. Insight Media has a number of
videos that might be useful, but they are expensive, and do not allow
returns on unstitutional purchases, only exchanges, so I'd like to
know a bit about what I might be getting.

If any of you are familiar with any of the following videos, and can
comment on their quality or on what they actually cover in the video,
I would greatly appreciate your comments. And if you by any chance are
familiar with more than one on the same topic, and can rank order them
in suitability, that would be extremely useful. (I've broken the list
into groups based on topics.)

Birth of Language

Intercultural Communication
Cross Cultural Communication
Negotiating Cultural Communication

Men, Women and Language
He Said, She Said: Gender, Language and Communication
Gender and Communication: She Talks, He Talks

Paralanguage and Proxemics
Nonverbal Comunication
Eye Contact and Kinesics

I will post a summary to the list in due time.

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Message 2: Evaluative prefixes and suffixes

Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 08:26:01 +0000
From: Nicola Grandi <>
Subject: Evaluative prefixes and suffixes

Dear All,

in the last few years I made a research on evaluative morphology of
languages spoken around the Mediterranean see. What really hit me was
that in some of these languages (above all in Indoeuropean languages)
evaluative semantic categories (SMALL vs. BIG and GOOD vs. BAD) can be
formally expressed both by suffixes and prefixes (for example, in
Italian there are two ways to say 'small flat': appartamentino with
the diminutive suffix -ino and miniappartamento with the diminutive
prefix mini-). Now I am interested to deepen this issue. So, I was
wondering if evaluative morphology shows this sort of 'prefix-suffix
neutrality' also in languages belonging to other families. Moreover,
are there other semantic categories which show this neutrality? Of
course, I'll post a summary when I get enough reponses. Thanks.


Nicola Grandi
Linguistica generale
Dipartimento di epistemologia e ermeneutica della formazione
Università di Milano - Bicocca
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