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Thu May 22 2003

Jobs: Language Description: Researcher, La Trobe U

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  1. linguistic.typology, Language Description: Researcher, La Trobe University, Australia

Message 1: Language Description: Researcher, La Trobe University, Australia

Date: Wed, 21 May 2003 01:22:09 +0000
From: linguistic.typology <>
Subject: Language Description: Researcher, La Trobe University, Australia

University or Organization: La Trobe University
Department: Research Centre for Linguistic Typology
Rank of Job: Researcher
Specialty Areas: Anthropological Linguistics, Language Description,
		 Typology, Preferably Papuan or South American


Applicants should have a PhD in linguistics or be close to the award
of a PhD (they will have to have submitted their dissertation before
taking up this position). They should have experience of linguistic
fieldwork and will, ideally, have already completed a grammatical
description of some previously undescribed language (not their native
language) in terms of basic linguistic theory.

The successful applicant will work as part of a team with Professor
R.M.W. Dixon, Professor Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald, and other members of
the Research Centre, on a topic relating to languages preferably from
either South America or the New Guinea region (primarily relating to
Papuan languages). They will undertake extensive fieldwork and will
either (i) produce a comprehensive description of some previously
undescribed language; or (ii) pursue an in-depth study of a language
contact situation. Option (ii) will be suitable for someone who
already has good knowledge of one or more of the languages involved in
a suitable contact situation. The choice of project will be made
after discussion between the successful applicant and Professors Dixon
and Aikhenvald.

The Research Centre for Linguistic Typology consists, at any one time,
of about twenty scholars, working on a variety of languages. Besides
the permanent staff we have an array of Research Fellows and PhD
students; each year a number of senior scholars from across the world
spend from three to six months with us as Visiting Fellows. Our
personnel this year includes specialists on spoken languages from the
following families or areas: Tsimshian, Mayan, Athapaskan,
Eskimo-Aleut, Arawak, Araw´┐Ż, Tacanan, Indo-European, Chukchee,
Afroasiatic, Niger-Congo, Khoisan, Tai-Kadai, Tibeto-Burman,
Austroasiatic, Papuan, Austronesian and Australian, in addition to
sign languages.

Further information about RCLT will be found at our website: (see, in particular, our February 2003

An allowance will be made to cover travelling expenses to and from
Melbourne at the beginning and end of the period of employment. A
suitable allowance will be made to cover the expenses of linguistic
fieldwork, in South America or in the New Guinea (or in some other
approved) region.

Selection Criteria

1. Thorough professional training in linguistics, with special
 reference to language description and linguistic typology.
2. Applicants should either already have a PhD or be in the final
 stages of a Doctoral Program (the dissertation must be submitted
 before taking up the appointment), with their dissertation dealing
 with a topic in descriptive linguistics in terms of basic
 linguistic theory (not in terms of any non-basic formalism).
3. Ability to work, under direction, as a member of a research team.
4. Ability to work to a timetable, and produce results on time.
5. Ideally, to have produced a description of a language, preferably
 (a) a language for which there had previously been no good
 description; and (b) a language other than that of which they are
 native speaker.
6. Ideally, some training in anthropology.

Applicants must obtain a Position Description and details of how to
apply by visiting the Personnel website at or email

A copy of all applications should also be sent to:
Ms Siew Peng Condon
Research Centre for Linguistic Typology
La Trobe University
Victoria 3086

Applicants are encouraged to send copies of recent papers and/or
chapters of their dissertation, directly to Ms Siew Peng Condon,
together with the copy of their application.

Address for Applications:

	Attn: Office of the Director
	Human and Financial Resources
	David Myers Building, La Trobe University
	Bundoora, Victoria 3086
	Applications are due by 07-Jul-2003

Contact Information:
	Prof Alexandra Aikhenvald
	Tel: +61 3 9479 6402
	Fax: +61 3 9467 3053

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