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Sat May 24 2003

Confs: Japanese/Psycholinguistics/MI USA

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  1. etm, Japanese Language Processing Workshop

Message 1: Japanese Language Processing Workshop

Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 09:08:26 +0000
From: etm <>
Subject: Japanese Language Processing Workshop

Japanese Language Processing Workshop 

Date: 25-Jul-2003 - 25-Jul-2003
Location: East Lansing - MI, United States of America
Contact: Edson Miyamoto
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: Psycholinguistics 
Subject Language Family: Japanese Family

This is a session of the following conference: LSA 2003 Institute

Meeting Description:

Japanese Language Processing Workshop
July 25-26, 2003
Michigan State University 

The 4th Japanese Language Processing Workshop will take place July
25-26, 2003 as part of the Linguistic Society of America Summer
Institute 2003, at Michigan State University.

The aim of the workshop is to provide a forum for researchers in
Japanese psycholinguistics to discuss theoretical and methodological
issues related to current research. Topics include syntactic,
morphological, and prosodic factors in human language processing. The
following are some of the basic questions to be considered.

 * How do people process individual words and associate them with
 each other in order to extract the meaning of a sentence?

 * To what extent is this process similar cross-linguistically?

 * What is the role of grammatical constraints in this process?
 How do they interact with other sources of information such as
 world knowledge and with the availability of cognitive

The workshop will include tutorial sessions, which will survey
necessary background for the discussions, with special emphasis on the
sentence-level comprehension and production of Japanese and related

Workshop dates: July 25-26, 2003
C312 Wells Hall Michigan State University

Organizers: Edson T. Miyamoto (NAIST) and Hiroko Yamashita (RIT)

For further information, email:
Or visit the webpage of the workshop:

- ----------------------- Preliminary Program ------------------------

July 25, 2003


1:00-1:40 Progress in Japanese sentence processing research:
 What have we learned since the 1991 Duke workshop?
 Reiko Mazuka (Duke U.)

Processing difficulty and working memory

1:40-2:20 Tutorial
 Mineharu Nakayama (Ohio State U.)

2:20-3:00 Individual differences in Japanese sentence processing
 Nobuyuki Jincho (Waseda U.) and Reiko Mazuka (Duke U.)

3:00-3:20 Break


3:20-4:00 Tutorial 
 Hiroko Yamashita (Rochester Institute of Technology)

4:00-4:40 Given-new ordering and the stages of language production:
 Insights from Japanese
 Victor Ferreira and Hiromi Yoshita (U. California San Diego)

4:40-5:20 Syntactic priming in Japanese and architecture of language 
 Hiroko Yamashita (RIT), Yuki Hirose (U. Electro 
 Communications) and Franklin Chang (Max Planck Institute for
 Evolutionary Anthropology)

5:20-6:00 Picture word interference experiments in Japanese:
 Semantic similarity and grammatical class in naming action
 Noriko Iwasaki, David P. Vinson and Gabriella Vigliocco (U. 
 College London)

6:30-8:00 Dinner

July 26, 2003

Incremental processing and long-distance dependencies

10:30-11:10 Tutorial 
 Edson T. Miyamoto (Nara Institute of Science and 

11:10-11:50 Grammar and real-time formation of wh-dependencies
 Sachiko Aoshima, Colin Phillips and Amy Weinberg (U. 

11:50-12:30 Storage, integration and incrementality
 Kentaro Nakatani (Harvard U.)

12:30-2:00 Lunch


2:00-2:40 Tutorial
 Shari Speer (Ohio State U.), Amy Schafer (U. Hawaii) and
 Paul Warren (Victoria U.)

2:40-3:20 How prosodic information is used in the grammar and processor:
 Processing Japanese wh-questions
 Masako Hirotani (U. Massachusetts Amherst)

3:20-3:40 Break


3:40-4:20 Tutorial
 Susan Garnsey (U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

4:20-5:00 The processing of Japanese wh-questions: 
 An event-related brain potential study
 Mieko Ueno and Robert Kluender (U. California San Diego)

5:00-5:40 How does focus-related prosodic mismatch affect brainwaves 
 in Japanese?
 Kiwako Itoh (Ohio State U.) and Susan Garnsey (UIUC)

- -----------------------------------------------------------
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