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Diss: Lexicography: Poirier "Analyse et..."

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Message 1: Lexicography: Poirier "Analyse et formalisation..."

Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 23:39:43 +0000
From: eric.poirier <>
Subject: Lexicography: Poirier "Analyse et formalisation..."

New Dissertation Abstract

Institution: University of Montreal
Program: Department of Linguistics and Translation
Dissertation Status: Completed
Degree Date: 2002

Author: �ric Poirier 

Dissertation Title: 
Analyse et formalisation du traitement des unit�s phras�ologiques
nominales anglaises dans les dictionnaires bilingues (anglais -

Linguistic Field: Lexicography

Subject Language: English (code: 1738)

Dissertation Director 1: Monique C. Cormier

Dissertation Abstract: 

This dissertation deals with the systematization of the treatment of a
subset of the English phraseological units (nominal complex units) in
bilingual dictionaries. Phraseological unit is a term we used
technically for the well-known notion of 'idioms'. We studied the
placement or the lexicographic treatment of the nominal phraseological
units as it relates to one of the steps followed by the lexicographers
to describe those units in bilingual dictionaries. After a short
introduction, the chapter 1, where we define the specific or
terminological features of the concept of idioms and 'locutions'
embedded in the expression 'phraseological unit', we examine in
chapter 2 the different continuums of the definition of phraseological
units. The chapter 3 and 4 deal respectively with the treatment of
phraseological units in unilingual dictionaries and in bilingual
dictionaries. The chapter 5 exposes the methodology of the empirical
study of the treatment as it appears in four English-French bilingual
dictionaries (the Harrap's, the Larousse anglais-fran�ais, the
Robert-Collins Super Senior and the Hachette-Oxford). The chapter 6 is
dedicated to the analysis of the metalexicographic status of
phraseological units in bilingual dictionaries. The chapter 7 is
concerned with the formalization of the indirect distribution
(r�partition indirecte) rules of the phraseological units within a
specific lexical entry of one of their lexical constituents. In
chapter 6 and 7, we discuss the interesting results we achieved by
studying the treatment and status of exactly 164 nominal
phraseological units in each of the four bilingual dictionaries. In
chapter 8, we present the general conclusions of our study where we
examine what could be the most appropriate status of phraseologial
units in bilingual dictionaries and we suggest some rules that could
be observed in the treatment of specific nominal phraseological units.
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