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Sun Jun 1 2003


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  1. linguistlist reviews, AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW


Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2003 02:01:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: linguistlist reviews <>

The following books are available for review on the LINGUIST List.
If you are interested in reviewing any of these books, please
contact Simin Karimi at:

We have included links to the publishers' announcements of these books
on LINGUIST, so that you can easily get more information about them.

When asking to review a book, include the following in your message.
Please do this even if you have given us this information before!

1. The author(s) and title of the book you wish to review. If you are
 interested in more than one book, list them in order of preference.
2. Your full name and highest academic degree received.
3. Your current affiliation if any.
4. A short description of your research interests, especially as they
 pertain to the book(s) you are interested in.
5. A postal address to which the book should be sent.

If you are selected to review a book, we will mail you a copy along
with further instructions. Reviews must be completed within SIX WEEKS
of receipt of the book or the book must be returned.


We have received a copy of the following work, which we think is too
large for any one reviewer to deal with. We therefore ask if there is
a group of linguists who would like to undertake a review of this work
as a joint project. If you're interested, let us know the composition
of your group, with a description of each participant as specified in
the guidelines above.

Frawley, William J., ed. (2003) International Encyclopedia of
Linguistics, 2nd ed., 4 volumes, Oxford University Press
(1st ed. 1992, ed. by William Bright).
 Vol. 1: AAVE-Esperanto
 Vol. 2: Ethnography of Speaking-Mamfe Languages
 Vol. 3: Mande Languages-Selection
 Vol. 4: Semantic and Lexical Change-Zulu; Indices
 Announced at


Boase-Beier, Jean and Ken Lodge (2003) The German Language:
A Linguistic Introduction, Blackwell Publishing.
 Announced at

Carnie, Andrew, Heidi Harley and MaryAnn Willie, ed. (2003) Formal
Approaches to Function in Grammar: In Honor of Eloise Jelinek. John
Benjamins Publishing Company, Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today 62.
 Announced at

Coupland, Justine and Richard Gwyn, ed. (2003) Discourse, the Body,
and Identity, Palgrave/Macmillan.
 Announced at

Doherty, Monika (2002) Language Processing in Discourse: A Key to
Felicitous Translation, Routledge, Routledge Studies in Germanic
Linguistics 9.
 Announced at

Glaz, Adam (2002) The Dynamics of Meaning: Explorations in the
Conceptual Domain of EARTH, Marie Curie-Sklodowska University Press,
209pp, paperback ISBN 83-227-1995-7, PASE Studies and Monographs 9.
 Not yet announced.

Herdina, Philip and Ulrike Jessner (2002) A Dynamic Model of
Multilingualism: Perspectives of Change in Psycholinguistics,
Multilingual Matters, Multilingual Matters 121.
 Announced at

Jones, Steven (2002) Antonymy: A Corpus-Based Perspective. Routledge,
Routledge Advances in Corpus Linguistics 2.
 Announced at

Lahiri, Utpal (2002) Questions and Answers in Embedded Contexts,
Oxford, Oxford Studies in Theoretical Linguistics.
 Announced at

MacKenzie, Ian (2002) Paradigms of Reading: Relevance Theory and
Deconstruction. Palgrave/Macmillan.
 Announced at

Maho, Jouni Filip and Bonny Sands (2002) The Languages of Tanzania:
A Bibliography, Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis, ix+428pp, paperback
ISBN 91-7346-454-6, SEK 300, Orientalia et Africana Gothoburgensia 17.
 Not yet announced.

Rupp, Laura (2003) The Syntax of Imperatives in English and Germanic:
Word Order Variation in the Minimalist Framework, Palgrave/Macmillan.
 Announced at

Uriagereka, Juan (2002) Derivations: Exploring the Dynamics of Syntax,
Routledge, Routledge Leading Linguists 9.
 Announced at

Varga, L�szl� (2002) Intonation and Stress: Evidence from Hungarian,
 Announced at

White, Lydia (2003) Second Language Acquisition and Universal Grammar,
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics.
 Announced at

Williams, Edwin (2003) Representation Theory, MIT Press, Current
Studies in Linguistics 38.
 Announced at

Zhang, Jie (2002) The Effects of Duration and Sonority on Contour Tone
Distribution: A Typological Survey and Formal Analysis, Routledge,
Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics.
 Announced at


Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y. (2003) Classifiers: A Typology of Noun
Categorization Devices, Oxford University Press, Oxford Studies in
Typology and Linguistic Theory.
 Announced at
 (2000 printing)

Andersen, Henning, ed. (2003) Language Contacts in Prehistory: Studies
in Stratigraphy, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Current Issues in
Linguistic Theory 239.
 Announced at

Auroux, Sylvain, ed. (2003) History of Linguistics 1999: Selected
Papers from the 8th International Conference on the History of the
Language Sciences, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Studies in the
History of the Language Sciences 99.
 Announced at

Barron, Anne (2003) Acquisition in Interlanguage Pragmatics, John
Benjamins Publishing Company, Pragmatics & Beyond New Series 108.
 Announced at

Benmamoun, Elabbas (2003) The Feature Structure of Functional
Categories: A Comparative Study of Arabic Dialects, Oxford University
Press, Oxford Studies in Comparative Syntax.
 Announced at
 (2000 printing)

Crowley, Terry (2002) Serial Verbs in Oceanic: A Descriptive Typology,
Oxford University Press.
 Announced at

del Valle, Jos� and Luis Gabriel-Stheeman, ed. (2002) The Battle over
Spanish between 1800 and 2000: Language Ideologies and Hispanic
Intellectuals, Routledge, Routledge Studies in the History of
Linguistics 4.
 Announced at

Di Sciullo, Anna Maria, ed. (2003) Asymmetry in Grammar, Volume 1:
Syntax and Semantics, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Linguistik
Aktuell/Linguistics Today 57.
 Announced at

Di Sciullo, Anna Maria, ed. (2003) Asymmetry in Grammar, Volume 2:
Morphology, Phonology, Acquisition, John Benjamins Publishing Company,
Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today 58.
 Announced at

Englebretson, Robert (2003) Searching for Structure: The Problem of
Complementation in Colloquial Indonesian Conversation, John Benjamins
Publishing Company, Studies in Discourse and Grammar 13.
 Announced at

Fries, Peter H., Michael Cummings, David Lockwood and William Spruiell,
ed. (2002) Relations and Functions Within and Around Language,
Continuum, Open Linguistics series.
 Announced at

Froude, Jenny (2003) Making Sense in Sign: A Lifeline for a Deaf Child,
Multilingual Matters, Parents' and Teachers' Guides 6.
 Announced at

Giorgi, Alessandra and Fabio Pianesi (2003) Tense and Aspect: From
Semantics to Morphosyntax, Oxford University Press, Oxford Studies in
Comparative Syntax.
 Announced at
 (1997 printing)

G�rlach, Manfred, ed. (2002) An Annotated Bibliography of European
Anglicisms. Oxford University Press.
 Announced at

Hellinger, Marlis and Hadumod Bu�mann, ed. (2003) Gender Across
Languages, Volume 3, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Impact: Studies
in Language and Society 11.
 Announced at

Hladk�, Josef, ed. (2003) Language and Function: To the Memory of Jan
Firbas, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Studies in Functional and
Structural Linguistics 49.
 Announced at

Kidwai, Ayesha (2003) XP-Adjunction in Universal Grammar: Scrambling
and Binding in Hindi-Urdu, Oxford University Press, Oxford Studies in
Comparative Syntax.
 Announced at
 (2000 printing)

Lenz, Friedrich, ed. (2003) Deictic Conceptualisation of Space, Time
and Person, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Pragmatics & Beyond New
Series 112.
 Announced at

Levinson, Stephen C. (2003) Space in Language and Cognition:
Explorations in Cognitive Diversity, Cambridge University Press,
Language, Culture and Cognition 5.
 Announced at

Maurais, Jacques and Michael A. Morris, ed. (2003) Languages in a
Globalising World, Cambridge University Press.
 Announced at

Mayes, Patricia (2003) Language, Social Structure, and Culture: A Genre
Analysis of Cooking Classes in Japan and America, John Benjamins
Publishing Company, Pragmatics & Beyond New Series 109.
 Announced at

McCormick, Kay (2002) Language in Cape Town's District Six, Oxford
University Press.
 Announced at

Mellet, Sylvie and Marcel Vuillaume, ed. (2003) Modes de rep�rages
temporels, Rodopi, Cahiers Chronos 11.
 Announced at

Milroy, Lesley and Matthew Gordon (2003) Sociolinguistics: Method and
Interpretation, Blackwell Publishing, Language in Society 34.
 Announced at

Modell, Arnold H. (2003) Imagination and the Meaningful Brain, MIT
Press, A Bradford book.
 Announced at

Papathanasiou, Ilias and Ria De Bleser, ed. (2003) The Sciences of
Aphasia: From Therapy to Theory, Pergamon Press.
 Announced at

Prevignano, Carlo L. and Paul J. Thibault, ed. (2003) Discussing
Conversation Analysis: The Work of Emanuel A. Schegloff, John Benjamins
Publishing Company.
 Announced at

Ramat, Anna Giacolone, ed. (2002) Typology and Second Language
Acquisition, Mouton de Gruyter, Empirical Approaches to Language
Typology 26.
 Announced at

Saeed, John I. (2003) Semantics, 2nd ed., Blackwell Publishing,
Introducing Linguistics 2 (1st ed. 1997).
 Announced at

Shimron, Joseph, ed. (2003) Language Processing and Acquisition in
Languages of Semitic, Root-based Morphology, John Benjamins Publishing
Company, Language Acquisition & Language Disorders 28.
 Announced at
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