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Mon Jun 2 2003

Confs: Syntax/Semantics/France

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  1. Sylvain Kahane, MTT 2003

Message 1: MTT 2003

Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 16:28:31 +0200
From: Sylvain Kahane <>
Subject: MTT 2003


MTT 2003
First International Conference on Meaning-Text Theory

Salle Dussane, Ecole Normale Sup�rieure, 45 rue d'Ulm
Paris, France

16-18 June 2003

Web site :

Early registration until June 5

- ----------------------------------------------------------------
Monday, June 16 (Lexicon: Lexical meanings and lexical functions)
- ----------------------------------------------------------------
8h45 Welcome and opening talk
9h15 Jurij Apresjan (IITP, Russian Academy of Sciences), Invited 
talk: Lexical Functions in ETAP-3
10h15 Tilmann Reuther (University of Klagenfurt), Support verb 
combinations with existential verbs (German and Russian)

10h40-11h05 Coffee break

11h05 Lynne Murphy (University of Sussex), Linguistic and conceptual 
information in MTT: the case against some paradigmatic relations
11h40 Renata Stela Valente (ILTEC, Lisbon), La "Lexicologie 
explicative et combinatoire" dans le traitement des unit�s lexicales 
12h15 Mathieu Mangeot (NII, Tokyo) & Kyoko Kuroda (Shimane 
College/Centre Tesni�re, Besan�on), Structures actantielles des 
verbes dans le dictionnaire multilingue pivot Papillon

12h40-15h00 Lunch break

15h00 Joel Altman & Alain Polgu�re (OLST, Universit� de Montr�al), La 
BD�f : base de d�finitions d�riv�e du Dictionnaire explicatif et 
15h35 Leo Wanner (IIS, University of Stuttgart), Definitions of 
Lexical Meanings: Some Reflections on Purpose and Structure
16h10 St�fan Popovic (OLST, Universit� de Montr�al), M�talangage de 
vulgarisations de fonctions lexicales : mod�lisation des liens 

16h35-16h55 Coffee break

16h55 Margarita Alonso Ramos (Universidade da Coruna), �l�ments du 
frame vs. Actants de l'unit� lexicale
17h30 Dimitar Vess�linov (University of Sofia), Vers un mod�le de 
Dico combinatoire et explicatif des verbes fran�ais � l'usage des 
apprenants bulgarophones
18h05 Igor Bolshakov (Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico), Simile 
Clich� Phrasemes in Colloquial Language

18h30 Garden party and banquet

- -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tuesday, June 17 (Syntax: Valency and Dependency)
- -----------------------------------------------------------------

9h00 Igor Mel'cuk (Lattice, ENS/OLST, Universit� de Montr�al), Actants
9h45 Igor Boguslavsky (IITP, Russian Academy of Sciences), Adverbials 
and Valency
10h10 Jarmila Panevov� (Charles University), Some Issues of Syntax 
and Semantics of Verbal Modifications

10h35-11h Coffee break

11h Oph�lie Tremblay (OLST, Universit� de Montr�al), La lexicologie 
explicative et combinatoire, version primaire
11h25 Lidija Iordanskaja (OLST, Universit� de Montr�al), 
L'ordonnancement des adjectifs co-d�pendants en russe
11h50 Hi-Yon Yoo (ARP, Universit� Paris 7), De la topologie � la
cha�ne parl�e : les niveaux de repr�sentation pour une Th�orie

12h25-14h30 Lunch break

14h30 Richard Hudson (University College London), Invited talk: The 
psychological reality of dependency relations
15h30 Zygmunt Saloni (University of Warsaw), The Problem of the 
Syntactic Head in Polish and Russian Constructions with Numerals

16h05-16h25 Coffee break

16h25 Elena Paducheva, Diathesis: some extended applications of the
16h50-17h15 Lennart L�nngren (University of Tromso), Remarks on 
Semantic Prepositions and Endings in Russian

- ---------------------------------------------------------
Wednesday, June 18 (Formalisation and Processing)
- ----------------------------------------------------------

9h00 Aravind Joshi (University of Pennsylvania) & Owen Rambow 
(Columbia University, NY), A Formalism for Dependency Grammar Based 
on Tree Adjoining Grammar
9h35 Sylvain Kahane (Lattice, Universit� Paris 10), On the status of 
the deep syntactic structure
10h10 Bernd Bohnet (IIS, University of Stutgart), Mapping Phrase 
Structures to Dependency Structures in the Case of Free Word Order 

10h35-10h50 Coffee break

10h50 Alexis Nasr (Lattice, Universit� Paris 7), Factoring Surface 
Syntactic Structures
11h25 Tomasz Obrebski (Poznan University of Technology), 
MTT-compatible computationaly effective surface-syntactic parser
11h50 Leonid Iomdin (IITP, Russian Academy of Sciences), Purpose and
Idea: a Lesson Drawn from Machine Translation

12h15-14h30 Lunch break

14h30 Jurij Apresian, Igor Boguslavsky, Leonid Iomdin, Alexander 
Lazursky, Vladimir Sannikov, Victor Sizov, Leonid Tsinman (IITP, 
Russian Academy of Sciences), ETAP-3 Linguistic Processor: a 
Full-Fledged NLP Implementation of the MTT
15h05 Dieter Wirth (University of Leipzig), Towards a modified 
design of Communicative Organization for a MTT (applied to Russian 
15h30 Alexandre Dikovsky (Universit� de Nantes), Discourse Plan >

16h05-16h25 Coffee break

16h25 Laurence Danlos (Lattice, Universit� Paris 7), Discourse 
dependency structures as DAGs
16h50 Pascal Boldini (CAMS-EHESS/Universit� Paris 4), La forme 
logique de la Structure S�mantique dans la th�orie Sens-Texte

17h25 End of the conference

- ----------------------------------------------------------

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Web site :

Sylvain Kahane & Alexis Nasr
Lattice, ENS & Universit� Paris 7
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