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Tue Jun 3 2003

Sum: Stop Nasalization

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  1. In Kyu Park, Stop nasalization

Message 1: Stop nasalization

Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 23:25:07 +0000
From: In Kyu Park <>
Subject: Stop nasalization

Below is a summary of the responses to my request for information
about (regressive) stop nasalization (Linguist 14.1253).

Thanks to everyone who answered my request.

Stop nasalization is found in the southermost dialect of Faroese (the
language of the Faroe Islands), the dialect of the island of
Suduroy. Whereas elswhere in the Faroese area you will find, for
example, regna /regna/ 'to rain', vognur /vognur/ 'wagon', in the
dialect of Suduroy this occurs as /reNna/, /voNnur/. ''N'' symbolizes
the nasal stop. (Johnny Thomsen)

Regressive (anticipatory) assimilation occurs in Norwegian
(e.g. _Sogne Fjord_ with engma, i.e. the velar nasal, for the _g_) and
in German (e.g. in the woman's name _Agnes_ with engma for the _g_).
(Theo Vennemann)

Ancient Greek had stop nasalization as described by W. Sydney Allen in
his Vox Graeca (pp. 35 ff.). (Marc Picard)
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