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TOC: English World-Wide, Vol 24 No 1 (2003)

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  1. paul, English World-Wide, Vol 24 No 1 (2003)

Message 1: English World-Wide, Vol 24 No 1 (2003)

Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 11:12:59 +0000
From: paul <>
Subject: English World-Wide, Vol 24 No 1 (2003)

Publisher: John Benjamins
Journal Title: English World-Wide
Volume Number: 24
Issue Number: 1
Issue Date: 2003

Main text:
Table of contents

An instrumental study of the monophthong vowels of Singapore English 
 David Deterding 1 - 16 
The formation of regional and national features in African English
pronunciation: An exploration of some non-interference factors
 Augustin Simo Bobda 17 - 42 
An account of distinctive phonetic and lexical features of Gambian English 
 Lothar Peter, Hans-Georg Wolf and Augustin Simo Bobda 43 - 61 
Celtic English: Influences on a South Wales valleys accent 
 J. Roderick Walters 63 - 87 
The changing sociolinguistic status of the glottal stop in northeast
Scottish English
 Jonathan Marshall 89 - 108 

Book Reviews 
Review of The Handbook of Language Variation and Change by
J. K. Chambers, Peter Trudgill and Natalie Schilling-Estes (eds.)
 Charles Boberg 109 - 113 
Review of English in Cameroon by Hans-Georg Wolf 
 Anne Schr´┐Żder 113 - 118 
Review of Ethnicity and Language Change: English in (London)Derry,
Northern Ireland by Kevin McCafferty
 John M. Kirk 119 - 122 
Review of Urban Scots Dialect Writing by Anette I. Hagan 
 Robert McColl Millar 122 - 126 

Shorter Notices 
Book notice: Whos Centric Now? The Present State of Post-Colonial
Englishes by Bruce Moore (ed.) 127 - 130
Book notice: World English. A Study of its Development by Janina
Brutt-Griffler 130
Book notice: Analysing English in a Global Context: A Reader by Anne
Burns and Caroline Coffin (eds.) 130 - 133
Book notice: A New English Language. Politics, and Identity in
Gibraltar by Anja Kellermann 133 - 135
Book notice: Milestones in the History of English in America by Allen
Walker Read 135 - 136

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