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Thu Jun 5 2003

Calls: Syntax/Finland; Cognitive Science/France

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  1. Matti Miestamo, Workshop on Passive (20th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics)
  2. wauquiers, 4th Nantes Workshop in Linguistics, Domians

Message 1: Workshop on Passive (20th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics)

Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 16:08:58 +0300
From: Matti Miestamo <>
Subject: Workshop on Passive (20th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics)

Dear Linguists,

I'm posting the following call for papers on behalf of Larisa Leisi�. 
The workshop will be included in the programme of the 20th Scandinavian 
Conference of Linguistics (Helsinki 7-9 January 2004). Please note that 
abstracts (and questions concerning the workshop) should be sent 
directly to Larisa <>.

See <> for the general 
call for papers of the conference.

Best Wishes,
Matti Miestamo


20th Scandinavian Conference of Linguistics
Helsinki 7-9 January 2004

The workshop will concentrate on such questions as:
- Passive: a syntactic structure, a verb form, or a semantic meaning?
- The use of passive in conversation
- Language universal and language specific features of passive
- Passive and other categories (modality, aspect)
- Passive and related constructions in a particular language group
- Passive in language contacts: transferability of passive

Please send your abstract (maximally 400 words in plain text format) in 
the body of an email message to <> not later than 

Larisa Leisi�, PhD, co-ordinator
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Message 2: 4th Nantes Workshop in Linguistics, Domians

Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 15:30:33 +0000
From: wauquiers <>
Subject: 4th Nantes Workshop in Linguistics, Domians

4th Nantes Workshop in Linguistics, Domians 

Date: 04-May-2004 - 06-May-2004
Location: Nantes, France
Contact Email: 

Linguistic Sub-field: Cognitive Science 
Call Deadline: 01-Oct-2003

Meeting Description:


 Preliminary call for papers


Universit� de Nantes (France), 4-5-6 Mai 2004
University of Nantes (France), May 4-5-6, 2004 THEMES / TOPICS :

Comme lors des pr�c�dentes JEL, nous avons choisi un objet central
susceptible d'int�resser simultan�ment plusieurs champs de recherche
en linguistique, afin de r�affirmer la dimension r�solument
pluridisciplinaire du travail d�velopp� � l'AAI (Acoustique,
Acquisition et Interpr�tation) ainsi que la vocation
interdisciplinaire de ces journ�es offrant � des sp�cialistes
diff�rents (phonologues, phon�ticiens, psycholinguistes,
syntacticiens, s�manticiens ...) la possibilit� de se rencontrer et de
s'�couter mutuellement.

In the tradition of the workshop, we have chosen a topic of
simultaneous interest to various disciplines in linguistics, thus
reaffirming the cross-disciplinary approach to research developed at
the AAI (Acoustics, Acquisition and Interpretation) research lab at
the University of Nantes. The workshop aims at bringing together
researchers from different fields (phonologists, phoneticians,
psycholinguists, syntacticians, semanticists ) in order to create a
forum for dialogue and research across disciplines.

La notion de domaine est utilis�e par divers champs de recherche avec
des acceptions diverses :
* phonologie : domaines d'harmonie, gabarits, etc
* phon�tique : cycles articulatoires, domaines intonatifs etc
* syntaxe : domaines d'anaphore/liage, de quantification/port�e, de
localit�/phases, etc
* psycholinguistique : unit�s d'int�gration, domaines d'acc�s lexical,

The notion of domains is recurrent across disciplines with different
* phonology: vowel harmony domains, templates, etc
* phonetics: articulatory cycles, intonational domains, etc
* syntax: anaphora/binding domains, quantification/scope domains,
locality/phases, etc
* psycholinguistics: integration units, lexical access domains, etc

Le sujet propos� Domaines interrogera les conceptions de cet objet
retenues par ces diverses disciplines et questionnera particuli�rement
les interfaces possibles entre ces diff�rentes conceptions du domaine.
* Interfaces Phonologie / Morphologie / Syntaxe (domaines de sandhis,
de mutations, domaines de cliticisation, etc) 
* Interfaces Syntaxe / S�mantique (mapping entre domaines syntaxiques
et s�mantiques, etc)

The workshop will question the different conceptions of the notion of
domains as defined within or across (sub)disciplines, and in
particular, the possible interfaces between these alternative
(converging or competing) conceptions.
* Phonology / Morphology / Syntax Interface (sandhi, clitic domains,
mutations, etc)
* Syntax / Semantics Interface (mapping between syntactic and semantic
domains, etc)
* Psycholinguistique / Psycholinguistics
* Linguistique Computationnelle / Computational Linguistics

INVITES / INVITED SPEAKERS (confirmed speakers only)
 * C�lia Jakubowicz (CNRS, Universit� Paris 5)
 * Paula Fikkert (University of Nijmegen, Nederland)
 * C�cile Fougeron (Universit� Paris 3)
 * Brenda Laca (Universit� de Paris VIII)
 * Patrick Sauzet (Universit� de Toulouse)


 Jean-Pierre Angoujard (Universit� de Nantes)

 Joaquim Brandao de Carvalho (Universit� de Paris 8)

 Patricia Cabredo (CNRS, Universit� de Paris 8)

 Nick Clements (CNRS, Universit� Paris 3)

 Catherine Colin (Universit� de Nantes)

 Olivier Crouzet (Universit� de Nantes)

 Elisabeth Delais (CNRS)

 Hamida Demirdache (Universit� de Nantes)

 Jacques Durand (Universit� de Toulouse)

 L�a Nash (Universit� de Paris 8)

 No�l N'Guyen (Universit� d'Aix en Provence)

 Javi Orma�abal (Universit� du Pays-Basque, Gast�iz)

 Annie Rialland (CNRS, Universit� Paris 3)

 Alain Rouveret (Universit� de Paris 7)

 Patrick Sauzet (Universit� de Toulouse)

 Lisa Selkirk (Umass, USA)

 Myriam Uribe-Etxabarria (Universit� du Pays-Basque, Gast�iz)

 Jacqueline Vaissi�re (Universit� Paris 3)

 Marilyn Vihman (University of Wales)

 Sophie Wauquier-Gravelines (Universit� de Nantes).


Ces journ�es sont organis�es par l'�quipe AAI (Acoustique, Acquisition
et Interpr�tation) de l'Universit� de Nantes. Les langues officielles
de ces journ�es seront l'anglais et le fran�ais.

This workshop is organized by the research group AAI (Acoustics,
Acquisition and Interpretation) of the University of Nantes. The
official languages of the workshop are English and French.

Pour tout renseignement concernant l'organisation de ces journ�es,
vous pouvez contacter les organisateurs :

For information concerning the organization of the workshop, please
contact the organizers:

Acoustique, Acquisition et Interpr�tation
D�partement de Sciences du Langage
UFR Lettres et Langage, Chemin de la Censive du Tertre, BP 81227
44312 Nantes Cedex 3, FRANCE

e-mail :,


Un r�sum� de 2 pages (A4, times 12) en trois exemplaires, accompagn�e
de vos coordonn�es sur papier libre, r�dig� en fran�ais ou en anglais
doit �tre envoy� par courrier �lectronique � l'adresse ci-dessous. Les
r�sum�s seront �valu�s anonymement par le comit� scientifique.

Send three copies of a two page abstract (A4, times 12) by e-mail at
the address below. Abstracts in either English or French will be
reviewed. Please provide your affiliation / contact information,
together with the exact title of the paper, on a separate page. The
abstract itself should not show the author's name. A maximum of one
sole-author presentation and one co-author presentation can be
allocated to any one person. Abstracts will be anonymously reviewed by
the Scientific Committee. (the website will be available July 1rst)

Participants: 80 euros avant / before 01-02-04 ; 100 euros apr�s / after
Communicants / Speakers: 70 euros
Etudiants /Students : 30 euros


Date limite de soumission : 15 /11 /2003
Notification des acceptations : 15 /01 /2004
R�ception des articles d�finitifs : 15 /03 /2004
Programme pr�liminaire : 15 /04 /2004
Journ�es d'Etudes : 5-6-7 /05 /2004

Submission deadline: 15 /11 /2003
Notification of acceptance: 15 /01 /2004
Submission of a final draft of the paper: 15 /03 / 2004
Preliminary program: 15 /04 / 2004
Workshop: 5-6-7 / 03 / 2004
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