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  1. mad, 3rd International Conference on Maritime Terminology

Message 1: 3rd International Conference on Maritime Terminology

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 10:18:33 +0000
From: mad <>
Subject: 3rd International Conference on Maritime Terminology

3rd International Conference on Maritime Terminology: Communication
and Globalization
Short Title: 3rd ICMT

Date: 23-JUN-03 - 24-JUN-03
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Contact: Maria Am�lia D�ria
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: Applied Linguistics 

Meeting Description:

3rd International Conference on Maritime Terminology
Communication and Globalization

The 3.rd International Conference is a sequel of the events held, in
1998, in Brussels (,
and in 2000, in Turku
(, on the same
subject. In previous Conferences particular attention was paid to
'Issues in Communication and Translation' and to 'Dictionaries and

June, 23rd. 2003

09h.00m. - Registration

10h.00m. - Opening Session
Conference: Lu�s Leiria Pinto and Joaquim Ferreira da Silva (Honour
Committee Members)
�A terminologia mar�tima como l�xico de especialidade�

10h.45m. - Coffee-break

11h.00m. - Paper Session:
Mar�a Barros (United Nations, New York, USA)
�''The oceans are the very foundation of human life...'':
Ocean-related translation at the United Nations Secretariat�

11h.30m. - Klaus Geyer (Linguistics dpt., German Research Foundation
project, University of Kiel, Germany)
�Language planning and language policy at the German
shipyard. Howaldtswerke Deutsche Werft in Kiel�

12h.00m. - Steve Dyson (BSc - supplier of language services to the
defence community)
�Naval Procurement and Language�

12h.30m. - L�pez de Vergara e Hern�ndez Barrera (Universidad de La
Laguna, Spain)
�''Cambull�n Pichinglis''1 or just Seafarer's English? The effect of
Linguistic Globalisation on the Learning of Maritime English in the
Canary Isles�

13h.00m. - Lunch

14h.30m. - Conference
Magano e Silva (Nautical School Infante D. Henrique, Pa�o d'Arcos,
�A L�ngua do Mar�

15h.30m. - Coffee-break

16h.00m. - Paper Session:
Margarita Correia (FLUL / ILTEC, Lisboa, Portugal)
�Towards cooperation between field specialists and terminologists -
the case of Portuguese nautical dictionaries�

16h.30m. - Veljko Prijic (ESTG, Leiria, Portugal)
�Drop Anglicism today, kill tomorrow :Who needs an Identity�

17h.00m. - Ana Mineiro (FCT/ ILTEC / FLUL/ ISEC, Lisboa, Portugal)
�What kind of multi-word units in the nautical discourse? ' A study
based in a linguistic corpus�

- -----------------

Release of the Gloss�rio Mar�timo-Comercial by Professor M�rio Raposo,
in Lisbon's Geography Society (Rua das Portas de Santo Ant�o, 100 -
The release will be preceded by a visit to the rooms and museum of the
- ----------------

June, 24th. 2003

09h.30m. - Paper Session:
Magano e Silva (Nautical School Infante D. Henrique, Pa�o d'Arcos,
�A l�ngua inglesa como l�ngua oficial do mar�

10h.00m - Susana Correia (ILTEC, Lisboa, Portugal)
�Verbs behaviour in general language and in speciality languages - the
case of TermiN�utica�

10h.30m. - Mafalda Antunes (AiT, Lisboa, Portugal)
�Nautical terminology - study of the main features of the navigation

11h.00m. - P�ivi Pasanen (University of Helsinki, Department of
Translation Studies, Kouvola, Finland)
�Changing terms in the Finnish VTS terminology�

11h.30m. - Coffee-break

12h.00m. - Conference
Marc Van Campenhoudt
(T�tulo a indicar)

13h.00m. - Lunch

14h.30m. - Paper Session
Rita Marinelli* ' Adriana Roventini*' Giovanni Spadoni** (*Istituto di
Linguistica Computazionale del CNR, Pisa, It�lia; **President &
C.E.O. S. Spadoni s.r.l. Shipping Agency, Livorno, It�lia)
�Linking a subset of Maritime Terminology to the Italian WordNet�

15h.00m. - Ana Mineiro (FCT/ ILTEC / FLUL/ ISEC, Lisbon, Portugal) 
�Have general adjectives particular meannings in nautical discourse?�

15h.30m. - Boris Pritchard (Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of
Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia)
�Multi-word lexical units in maritime dictionaries�

16h.00m. - Renata Valente (ILTEC, Lisbon, Portugal) 
�Why lexical-combinatory can not be a principle for the consideration
of verbs and adjectives as specialized lexical units�

16h.30m. - Coffee-break

17h.00m. - Conference
Isabel Desmet (Univ. of Paris 8)
�Sincronia e diacronia em Terminologia numa era de globaliza��o�

18h.00m. - Closing Session
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