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Mon Jun 16 2003

Sum: Uvular Fricatives and Glottal Stops/Addendum

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  1. Randall Gess, Summary: Uvulars and glottal stop (addendum)

Message 1: Summary: Uvulars and glottal stop (addendum)

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 20:28:10 +0000
From: Randall Gess <>
Subject: Summary: Uvulars and glottal stop (addendum)

My apologies to Jakob Dempsey and Michael Johnstone for neglecting to
include their responses to my query (Linguist 14.1243) in the original
summary posting (Linguist 14.1707). Here are their responses:

Jakob Dempsey reports that in contemporary Iranian Persian (with
Tehrani the standard), the uvular stop (qaaf) and the voiced uvular
fricative (ghain) tend to be neutralized to the voiceless uvular
stop. He also mentioned the development of the pharyngeal in Arabic.

Michael Johnstone cites Lis (1999) discussion of a
variation in Beijing Mandarin between [?], [eng] and [gamma] in
syllable onset position when the onset is empty, i.e. when no other
consonant is there. Li attributes the variants to dialect mixture,
while Duanmu (1990) and Wang (1993) construct feature geometries to
derive the variants.

Duanmu, San (1990) ''A Formal Study of Syllable, Tone, Stress, and
Domain in Chinese Languages''. PhD dissertation, MIT.

Li, Wen-Chao (1999) A diachronically-motivated segmental phonology of
Mandarin Chinese. New York: Peter Lang.

Wang, Jenny Zhijie (1993) ''The Geometry of Segmental Features in
Beijing Mandarin''. PhD dissertation, University of Delaware.
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