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Mon Jun 23 2003

Calls: Syntax/Germany; Applied Ling/Austronesian/UK

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  1. haspelmath, Syntax of the World's Languages
  2. francesca.bargiela, Asian Business Discourses

Message 1: Syntax of the World's Languages

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2003 13:57:54 +0000
From: haspelmath <>
Subject: Syntax of the World's Languages

Syntax of the World's Languages 

Date: 05-Aug-2004 - 08-Aug-2004
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Contact: Martin Haspelmath
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: Syntax 
Call Deadline: 15-Dec-2003

Meeting Description:

This conference will bring together researchers working on the
syntactic structure of less widely studied languages from a variety of
perspectives. Contributions are expected to be based on first-hand
data of individual languages or to adopt a broadly comparative
perspective. All major theoretical frameworks are equally welcome, as
is work done in analytical frameworks developed in typology or field

Call for Abstracts:
Leipzig (Germany), 5-8 August 2004

Invited speakers:

Peter Austin (SOAS London)
Maria Polinsky (UC San Diego)
Marianne Mithun (UC Santa Barbara)

Papers that adopt a diachronic/historical-comparative perspective or
that discuss language-contact effects are also welcome, as are papers
dealing with morphological or semantic issues, as long as syntactic
issues also play a major role.

Authors should not presuppose detailed knowledge of their theoretical
framework, and the papers should focus on widely relevant theoretical
issues, minimizing theory-internal argumentation. We recognize that
questions raised by theoretical frameworks often lead to the discovery
of interesting phenomena in lesser studied languages. However, the
goal of applying a theoretical framework should be seen as subsidiary
to the main purpose of the conference, that of enlarging our knowledge
and understanding of the syntactic phenomena of the world's languages.

Local organizers:
Balthasar Bickel (University of Leipzig,
Martin Haspelmath (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology,

Further members of the Abstract-reading Committee:

Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (La Trobe U, Melbourne)
Bernard Comrie (MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig)
Donna Gerdts (Simon Fraser U, Vancouver)
St├ęphane Robert (LLACAN, Paris)
Jane Simpson (University of Sydney)

Send your one-page abstract to Martin Haspelmath at the address below,
either as a PDF-file by e-mail or as a hard copy, to arrive no later
than December 15th, 2003. A second page may be attached to the
abstract listing data. The abstract itself should contain no
identification of the author. A separate sheet or the cover e-mail
should contain the title of the abstract, the name(s) of the
author(s), and one mailing address, with telephone, fax, and email
address as available:

Martin Haspelmath
Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Deutscher Platz 6
D-04103 Leipzig
Fax +49-341-3550 333

The time allotted for presentation and discussion is 40
minutes. Participants may not be involved in more than two abstracts,
of which at most one may be single-authored. English is the preferred
language at the conference.

The local organizers will, by January 31, 2004, convey their decision
on acceptance of papers to those submitting abstracts.
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Message 2: Asian Business Discourses

Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 05:32:22 +0000
From: francesca.bargiela <>
Subject: Asian Business Discourses

Asian Business Discourses 

Date: 23-Jun-2003 - 23-Jun-2003
Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Contact: Francesca Bargiela
Contact Email: 

Linguistic Sub-field: Applied Linguistics 
Subject Language Family: Austronesian
Call Deadline: 31-Oct-2003

Meeting Description:

A special journal issue and an edited collection are scheduled to
appear in 2006 on the theme of Asian Business Discourses. The Journal
of Asian Pacific Communication and Peter Lang (Linguistic Insights
Series) invite submissions of abstracts on current research in
business communication and business discourse originating from Asian
countries. Long abstracts (ca. 1000 words)should be submitted for
consideration to the editor, Dr Francesca Bargiela (francesca, by October 31st, 2003. Authors notified of
acceptance of their abstracts (for either the journal or the volume),
by November 30th 2003, will be expected to submit high quality
manuscripts for peer-reviewing by September 30th, 2004. 

Call for Papers


The interest in business communication in Asia Pacific and the
literature published in English on the same subject have increased to
the extent that we can now confidently begin to speak about emerging
Asian Business Discourses. The label is not purely academic, defining
a field of research centred on a specific area of the world map.

The choice of "Asian Discourses" is an acknowledgement of the many
current projects and researchers in Asian countries, which are making
a distinctive contribution to the field of business
communication. Articles in journals and edited collections and
numerous papers delivered at international conferences are tangible
signs of this new, exciting development. It is also an appreciation
and affirmation of the original insights that Asian colleagues are
providing to a field traditionally dominated by American and European

The next few years will witness a consolidation of Asian perspectives
on business communication that will broaden and enrich the profile of
this already multi-disciplinary field and may indeed change it in yet
unforeseeable ways.

It is therefore quite timely and appropriate that the Journal of Asian
Pacific Communication (JAPC) should host a special issue on Asian
Business Discourses, to appear in Spring 2006.

The Journal of Asian Pacific Communication
is a peer-reviewed periodical published by John Benjamins Publishing
Company and many of its readers are educators who teach Asian-Pacific
students in Asia or in Diaspora. The special issue on Asian Business
Discourses will be guest-edited by Francesca Bargiela.

A complementary edited collection on Asian Business Communication is
also planned for Autumn 2006, to be published by a well-known European
academic publisher, Peter Lang. It will appear in the series
Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communication
edited by Maurizio Gotti, University of Bergamo (Italy). The volume
will be co-edited by Francesca Bargiela and Maurizio Gotti.

This double project aims to disseminate internationally, and across
disciplinary readerships, high quality, original research from as many
Asian countries and scholars as is practical. Francesca Bargiela, a
Senior Research Fellow at the Nottingham Trent University
( has an
established record of publications in business discourse,
collaborative research and editorial work and will be assisted in her
task by an international panel of experienced reviewers.

Topic Areas

Asian business discourses
Asian linguae francae
English as an Asian language
English as a lingua franca in Asian business
Written business communication in Asia
Spoken v. written communication in Asian businesses
Asian Meetings, negotiations, and other face-to-face encounters
Computer-mediated communication in Asian businesses 
Asian cultural influences on the language of work
Inter-cultural business communication: between Asians and with
Cross-cultural studies of communicative practices (Asian cultures
compared with other cultures)
Intra-cultural business communication (Asian cultures in contact with
other cultures)
The impact of Asian philosophies and religions on business
The language of advertising and public relations in Asian companies
Annual company reports by Asian companies
Internal and external Asian corporate communication
Interpersonal communication in Asian work contexts
Asian native psychologies and their relevance to work settings
The concept of "face" in Asian business interactions

This list is not exhaustive. Contributions on other relevant topics
are encouraged. Contact the editor at the address below for informal

Guidelines for submission of abstracts

Authors interested to contribute to either the special journal issue
or to the edited volume are invented to submit long abstracts of
approx. 1000 words by the end of October 2003, accompanied by a
bio-note of approx. 200 words.

The editors will select up to 8 articles for publication in the
journal special issue and up to 12 articles for the edited
collection. Criteria for acceptance include: relevance, originality,
significance and timeliness. All authors will be notified of the
selection outcome by November 30th. All manuscripts will be
peer-reviewed and only high quality contributions will go through for


Last date for submission of abstracts: 31st October 2003

Notification of acceptance: 30th November 2003

Last date for submission of manuscripts: 30th September 2004

Publication dates Spring 2006 (special journal issue) 
 Autumn 2006 (edited collection)

Please address all correspondence, including queries and informal
discussion of ideas for possible contributions to:

Dr Francesca Bargiela
Senior Research Fellow
Nottingham Trent University
Department of English and Media Studies
Clifton Lane
Nottingham NGG11 8NS

Fax: + 44 115 848 6632
Tel: + 44 115 848 6354

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