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Wed Jun 25 2003

Calls: Computational Ling; Construction Grammar

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  1. alik, 2003 Australasian Language Technology Workshop
  2. Kerstin Fischer, Construction Grammar in Germany

Message 1: 2003 Australasian Language Technology Workshop

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 16:39:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: alik <>
Subject: 2003 Australasian Language Technology Workshop

2003 Australasian Language Technology Workshop
Short Title: ALTW2003

Date: 10-Dec-2003 - 10-Dec-2003
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Contact: Alistair Knott
Contact Email:
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: Computational Linguistics 
Call Deadline: 30-Aug-2003

Meeting Description:

A one-day workshop on Natural Language Technology organised by the
Australasian Language Technology Association (ALTA). 

The workshop will be held in conjunction with the Australasian
Language Technology Summer School in Melbourne:

The goals of the workshop are:

* to bring together the growing Language Technology (LT) community in
Australia and New Zealand;
* to encourage interactions between this community and the
international LT community;
* to provide an opportunity for the broader artificial intelligence
community to become aware of local LT research;
* to provide a forum for discussion of new research;
* to foster interaction between academic and industrial research.

Our hope is to get as many Australasian LTers together as possible to
encourage dialogue between those working on similar topics and between
areas with a - perhaps as yet untapped - potential to interact.

We would also like to encourage non-Australasian LTers to submit
papers, and to participate in the workshop.

Papers submitted to the workshop will be reviewed by an international
programme committee, and the workshop proceedings will be published
with an ISBN number.

We invite the submission of papers on substantial, original, and
unpublished research on all aspects of natural language processing,
including, but not limited to:

* speech understanding and generation;
* phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and discourse;
* interpreting and generating spoken and written language;
* linguistic, mathematical, and psychological models of language;
* language-oriented information extraction and retrieval;
* corpus-based and statistical language modeling;
* machine translation and translation aids;
* natural language interfaces and dialogue systems;
* message and narrative understanding systems;
* computational lexicography.

We welcome submissions on any topic that is of interest to the LT
community, but we particularly encourage submissions that broaden the
scope of our community through the consideration of practical LT
applications. We especially invite people from industry working on LT
to send us their submissions and offer an opportunity to discuss and
demonstrate their latest applications in front of an informed

Program Committee

 * Alistair Knott, University of Otago (NZ) (Co-chair)
 * Dominique Estival, DSTO (AU) (Co-chair)
 * Steven Bird, University of Melbourne (AU)
 * Robert Dale, Macquarie University (AU)
 * Michael Dukes, University of Stanford (USA)
 * Graeme Hirst, University of Toronto (CA)
 * Baden Hughes, University of Melbourne (AU)
 * Diego Molla-Aliod, Macquarie University (AU)
 * Cecile Paris, CSIRO (AU)
 * Owen Rambow, Columbia University (USA)
 * Tony Smith, University of Waikato (NZ)
 * Ingrid Zukerman, Monash University (AU)

For information about submission of papers, see the workshop website:
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Message 2: Construction Grammar in Germany

Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 18:13:39 +0200 (MEST)
From: Kerstin Fischer <>
Subject: Construction Grammar in Germany

Preliminary Call for Papers:
Construction Grammar in Germany

We are looking for other researchers working in the framework of
Construction Grammar who live and work in Germany.

Construction Grammar is currently being applied insightfully to a
variety of linguistic phenomena, and it is slowly gaining ground in
Germany. We intend to bring together researchers working in
Construction Grammar in Germany in order to co-ordinate our efforts in
discussing the potential (and the limits) of applying this approach in
various areas of linguistic research.

Our short term goal is to set up a web site containing information
about research carried out on, and in, Construction Grammar in
Germany. Given sufficient feedback, we are thinking about organizing
a workshop next year at the University of Bremen with an accompanying

We encourage interested researchers to send us a short description of
their research interests and a list of their relevant publications as
soon as possible, but no later than September 30th, 2003.

Kerstin Fischer and/or
Anatol Stefanowitsch

We will send out a summary of all responses.

Kerstin Fischer
Anatol Stefanowitsch

University of Bremen - Fachbereich 10 Sprach- und
Literaturwissenschaften - Postfach 330440 - 28334 Bremen
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