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Mon Jan 20 2003

Sum: Minidisc Use in the Field and Lab

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  1. Lynne Murphy, Sum: Transcribing from MiniDisc

Message 1: Sum: Transcribing from MiniDisc

Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:10:36 -0000
From: Lynne Murphy <>
Subject: Sum: Transcribing from MiniDisc

Thanks to the following for their responses to my query on
transcription machines/programs for use with minidiscs (Linguist

Mark Jones, Eric Breck, Jeanette Ireland, Daniel Loehr, 
Alexandre Enkerli

I reproduce the most specific suggestions below:

-Eric Breck <ebreckCS.Cornell.EDU> wrote:

> If you can capture whatever audio you have to a digital format (.WAV,
> .MP3, etc.) then you can use my SoundScriber program
> ( to do
> transcription. It's a Windows-based program, that's essentially like an
> enhanced version of Windows' Media Player (well, enhanced over the version
> that existed in mid-1998, anyway); it does overlapping playback so you can
> hear each chunk of audio several times.
> The MICASE project I worked for then, as well as a number of other
> linguistics projects around the world, have used this successfully.
> And it's free.

- Jeanette Ireland <> wrote:

> Olympus has an excellent transciption system with
> dual disc size capabilities. I've used it for more than fifteen years,
> the advantage of course being that minidiscs take a much smaller archival
> space.

- Daniel Loehr <> wrote:

> I haven't done
> this so can't verify it, but if you can easily get the digital sound file
> from the minidisc to a computer, then you could possibly use the
> VoiceWalker software, which is designed for the very purpose of easily
> transcribing digital audio files.

- Alexandre Enkerli <> wrote:

> Sending the file to the computer can
> either be done via an optical out or through re-digitizing the signal.
> The analog route might sound like distorting the signal too much, but it
> seems to work for most methods of acoustic analysis, including those that
> need a lot of data such as pitch-tracking.

Thanks to everyone who responded. I'll be following up on their 

Lynne Murphy

Dr M Lynne Murphy
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