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Wed Aug 6 2003

Qs: Ling Publications; Japanese Ling Articles

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  1. Dan Everett, Evaluating publication outlets
  2. barbara pizziconi, Translations of Japanese linguistics works

Message 1: Evaluating publication outlets

Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 15:41:47 +0000
From: Dan Everett <>
Subject: Evaluating publication outlets


I am interested in knowing how different institutions (in different
parts of the world, ideally) evaluate linguistics publication
outlets. In most tenure and promotion deliberations I am aware of in
the USA, for example, linguistics is like economics, but unlike, say
anthropology, history, or literary theory, in valuing articles (rather
than, say, squibs) in major journals (e.g. LI, NLLT, Lg, for at least
N.American theoretical linguists) over monographs, even monographs
from prestigious publishers, e.g. Cambridge, Oxford, Chicago, etc.

My question is this: what would a linguistics tenure/promotion
committee at your institution value most from, say, a
jr. syntactician, an article in NLLT, LI, or Lg or a research
monograph or other type of book?

Ultimately, I realize that thoughtful committees will give much more
importance to their perception of the quality of the publications
rather than the outlets per se, but I am interested in rules-of-thumb.

If there are sufficient responses, I will post a summary. Please
respond to me at:
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Message 2: Translations of Japanese linguistics works

Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2003 07:18:32 +0000
From: barbara pizziconi <>
Subject: Translations of Japanese linguistics works

Dear colleagues

I am trying to find out whether any Japanese works on Linguistics or
Applied Linguistics (i.e. works of any period written in Japanese by
Japanese scholars on the Japanese language) have been translated in
other languages. I am particularly interested in European languages,
but any other reference is welcome. 

Thank you 
barbara pizziconi 
SOAS, University of London

Subject-Language: Japanese; Code: JPN 
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