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Sat Aug 9 2003

Sum: Translations of Japanese Linguistics Works

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  1. barbara pizziconi, Translations of Japanese Linguistics Works

Message 1: Translations of Japanese Linguistics Works

Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2003 13:34:14 +0000
From: barbara pizziconi <>
Subject: Translations of Japanese Linguistics Works

My query on translations from the field of Japanese linguistics
(Linguist 14.2082) sadly did not reveal any surprises and seems rather
easy to summarise:

a. ''Words in Context: A Japanese Perspective on Language and
Culture'' by Takao Suzuki

b. ''The Japanese Language'' by Kindaichi Haruhiko

c. ''Sociolinguistics in Japanese contexts'' by Shibata Takeshi
(translated by Tetsuya Kunihiro, Fumio Inoue, and Daniel Long)

That it is all pretty much here is confirmed by the ''Japanese
Publications in foreign languges: 1945-1990'' list, (this is published
by Shuppan Hanba Inc, Japan Foreign Rights Centre, Tokyo 1990), which
includes also:

Chomei Toshiko's ''A new analysis of language learning'' (translated by Peter Lang 1989 , ISBN: 0-8204-1105-1)

There are a few other works in other languages, but none of them can
be considered major works, I think.

Many many thanks to (in order of appearance): John Fry, Mark Irwin and
Patrick Heinrich.

Incidentally, I agree with Mark Irwin completely, that the field can
only suffer from a lack of translation of a huge amount of potentially
fruitful research, which often leads to ''new discoveries'' in the
field being made many years after they have appeared in a Japanese

I am currently translating one work by Minami Fujio's on Politeness
[Keigo], and would be happy to send a copy to all interested as soon
as it comes out.

barbara pizziconi 

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