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Sun Aug 17 2003

Calls: General Ling; Syntax/Semantics/Finland

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  1. Peter Gutmann, Perspectives -- Journal for Interdisciplinary Work in the Humanities)
  2. katrinhiietam, Finnic Arguments

Message 1: Perspectives -- Journal for Interdisciplinary Work in the Humanities)

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 15:58:23 +0200
From: Peter Gutmann <>
Subject: Perspectives -- Journal for Interdisciplinary Work in the Humanities)

Perspectives -- Journal for Interdisciplinary Work in the Humanities
- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
General Editors: Kristine N�klestad (Oslo) and Peter Gutmann
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Call for Papers - Call for Papers
- --------------------------------------------------------------------

(Why here? Our aim is a new interdisciplinarity. To us, this concept
does not mean the dilution of disciplines into a vague concept of
something which pretends to be all, but really is nothing, but we
would like to build interdisciplinarity on the firm foundations of
disciplinary work and knowledge. Therefore, we need the contact with
professionals of the disciplines. Being married to a linguist, I am
sure there are quite a few LINGUIST readers 'out there' who would like
to participate in a (re-)connection of linguistics with the rest of
the Humanities.)

This journal, published at Oxford Brookes University Humanities
Research Centre, addresses an international audience of post-graduate
students and scholars engaged in interdisciplinary work within the
Humanities. It is a bi-annual on-line publication. The journal aims
at creating an interdisciplinary community of people working beyond
the limits of the established split into disciplines. Thus, our
concept of "The Humanities" is an open one, it comprises the
traditional Humanities as easily as what has come to be called Social
Sciences and other related fields (and areas of interest).

We invite articles for our next number. This is not restricted to any
particular theme. We are convinced that there are many authors 'out
there' looking for a place to publish their interdisciplinary work,
whose work, however, would not fall under any category of our themed
isssues. So, this time you are absolutely free to submit your
interdisciplinary work without any restriction to its subject,

Deadline for submission of articles: 15 November 2003

Please send enquiries and proposals to the editors at:

The language of the journal is English. Articles requiring translation
will not be accepted. The length of articles should range from 1500 to
5000 words, occasionally, however, exceptional features of up to 15000
words can be published. Book reviews should not exceed 1000 words. All
contributors will be required to submit the article either as
plain-text e-mail or as an e-mail attachment (RTF or tex formats

A style-sheet can be obtained from the editors at:

Peter Gutmann, MA
Editor, Perspectives - Journal for Interdisciplinary Work in the

Peter Gutmann, MA
Albert-Schweitzer-Stra�e 31
66538 Neunkirchen
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Message 2: Finnic Arguments

Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 13:14:48 +0000
From: katrinhiietam <>
Subject: Finnic Arguments

Finnic Arguments 

Date: 07-Jan-2004 - 09-Jan-2004
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Contact: Katrin Hiietam
Contact Email: 

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics 
Call Deadline: 31-Aug-2003

Meeting Description:

Finnic Arguments - second CFP Workshop Finnic Arguments 

As a continuation to the workshop ISSUES IN FINNIC SYNTAX (19th SCL),
the workshop FINNIC ARGUMENTS, to be held at 20th Scandinavian
Conference of Linguistics (Helsinki 7-9 January 2004), invites
abstracts on issues related to verbal arguments in Finnic and Saami

The focus of the workshop is the syntax and semantics of the core
arguments of a clause, as well as valency changing operations in which
verbal arguments participate (e.g. causativisation, impersonalisation
etc.). The workshop especially welcomes papers which present new data
and discuss the implications for any theoretical framework. The
workshop is open to papers from all frameworks, including descriptive

A few of the questions that the workshop aims to seek answers to are
listed below:
- How are grammatical relations defined in Finnic and Saami languages?
Are GRs a construction-specific phenomena rather than definable within
a language or a language family?
- What kind of valency changing operations do core arguments
participate in? Do these constructions possess any particular areal
- When the core arguments undergo a valency changing operation, does
their grammatical status change?
- What is the best way to characterise impersonal constructions, along
with their morphosyntax and semantics?

Abstracts should be no longer than one A4 page. A separate page may be
used for data, tables, figures and references. Abstracts should be
sent as attachments to the workshop email address either in Word or
rtf format.

Please include name, affiliation and email address at the top of the

Abstracts and any informal enquiries should be sent to:

Deadline for submissions: 31 August 2003 

Notification of acceptance: 25 September 2003 

Workshop organisers: 
Katrin Hiietam, ( 
Elsi Kaiser, University of Pennsylvania (
Satu Manninen, University of Lund ( 
Diane Nelson, University of Leeds ( 
Virve-Anneli Vihman, University of Edinburgh (
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