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Mon Aug 18 2003

Qs: Chinese Lex;Turkish

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  1. Lawrence Orenstein, Chinese Lexical Semantics
  2. Kristen Sherman-Gosnell, Origin of "bomba"

Message 1: Chinese Lexical Semantics

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 01:28:30 +0000
From: Lawrence Orenstein <>
Subject: Chinese Lexical Semantics

I would very much appreciate it if anyone could refer me to any work
that has been done on Chinese lexical semantics. I am particularly
interested in cognitive categories in Manderin, but any references
would be of great assistance. For the moment, I am located in a rather
obscure backwater of China where I lack access to a good research
library. The attempts at a literature search here have thus far proved
to no avail.

Subject-Language: Chinese, Mandarin; Code: CHN 
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Message 2: Origin of "bomba"

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 01:08:49 +0000
From: Kristen Sherman-Gosnell <>
Subject: Origin of "bomba"

I am writing concerning my inability to find the origin of the word
''bomba'' in the Turkish language. It is the root of a surname I am
researching from Sicily in the Messina provice called ''Bombaci.'' I
am trying to determine if the root ''bomba'' is of Greek, Latin, or of
Turkish origin and which of these is oldest. The surname does not
appear before 1690. Thank you for your help in this matter as it has
been a long time since my linguistics course in college!
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