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Thu Aug 21 2003

Confs: Computational Linguistics/France

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  1. duclaux, COCOSDA 2003 Workshop

Message 1: COCOSDA 2003 Workshop

Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 03:11:21 +0000
From: duclaux <>
Subject: COCOSDA 2003 Workshop

COCOSDA 2003 Workshop
Date: 31-Aug-2003 - 31-Aug-2003
Location: Paris, France
Contact: Khalid Choukri
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: Computational Linguistics

Meeting Description:

COCOSDA, the International Committee for the Co-ordination and
Standardisation of Speech Databases and Assesment Techniques, has been
established to encourage and promote international interaction and
cooperation in the foundation areas of Spoken Language Processing,
especially for Speech Input/Output.

The 2003 COCOSDA workshop will be organized in conjunction with
EuroSpeech2003, in Geneva, Switzerland, Geneva International
Conference Centre (or Centre International de Conf�rence de Gen�ve
(CICG), 15, rue Varemb�, 1202 Geneva).

It will include pre-organized reports for all regional programs,
namely for North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and
Africa, and other relevant reports/discussions, plus presentations
from the open-call submissions. The preliminary program is as follows:

- Welcome and General Introduction to the Workshop and COCOSDA
(K. Choukri, COCOSDA Convenor and ELRA CEO, France)

- Recent Activities in South Africa (Prof. J.C. Roux, Director of
Research Unit for Experimental Phonology, University of Stellenbosch,
South Africa)

- Recent Activities of Oriental COCOSDA (Prof. S. Itahashi, Institute
of Information Sciences and Electronics, University of Tsukuba, Japan)

- Recent Activities in China - the current available and future agenda
of language resources (Prof. Bo Xu, Deputy President of CASIA -
Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

- An Overview of Speech Corpus related Activities in Korea
(Prof. Yong-Ju Lee, Wonkwang University, Korea)

- Recent Activities in Europe and in the Mediterranean Area
(K. Choukri, COCOSDA Convenor and ELRA CEO, France)

- Recent Activities in North America (C. Cieri, Linguistic Data
Consortium, Philadelphia, PA, USA)

- Developments and Trends in Speech Technologies for Local Languages
(Dafydd Gibbon, Linguistic Department, Bielefeld University, Germany)

- ''Biometric databases and Evaluation'' (Dijana Petrovska et. al., on
behalf of the Biomet project, DIUF - Computer Sciences Department,
Fribourg University, Switzerland)

- General Discussion: COCOSDA mission, partnership with other
organizations (e.g. the new ''COCOSDA'' for written resources), new
initiatives (e.g. in India), etc.

For the ''Recent Activities in Oceania'', a Web address will be given,
with the updates of such activities (Prof. J.B. Millar, Research
School of Information Sciences and Engineering, Australian National
University, Canberra, Australia)

POSTER 1: Overview of Speech Corpora for European Portuguese (Astrid
Hagen <>)

1/ Identification of existing speech resources (BDFALA, BD-PUBLICO,
2/ Presentation of the major speech corpora regarding:
 2.1 Partners
 2.2 (Eagles) Typology: linguistic contents, speaker
characteristics, data collection, annotation)
 2.3 Research efforts
3/ Recent speech recognition results on Portuguese SpeechDat
 3.1 Using the SpeechDat reference recognizer
 3.2 Using an HMM/MLP hybrid recognizer

POSTER 2: Report on the Activities on Japanese Prosodic Corpus
(Prof. Shigeyoshi Kitazawa, Shizuoka University, Shizuoka, Japan)

POSTER 3: (provisional title) Validation and Quality of Spoken
Language Resources, the case of Orientel project - collection of
speech resources for the Mediterranean countries: Arabic, Hebrew,
Turkish, Greek, French, English, etc. (Dr Dorota J. Iskra, SPEX,
Erasmusplein 1, 6525 HT Nijmegen, the Netherlands)

POSTER 4 (to be confirmed): Speech to Speech Translation (Asuncion
Moreno and Antonio Bonafonte, TALP Research Center, Departament de
Teoria del Senyal i Comunicacions, Universitat Polit�cnica de
Catalunyan, Barcelona, Spain)

POSTER 5: A brand new virtual speech archive , ''Datenbank
Gesprochenes Deutsch (Dr. Peter Wagener, Institut f�r Deutsche
Sprache, R 5, 6-13 D-68161 Mannheim, Germany)


Updates on the programme of the 2003 COCOSDA workshop will ba
available from the dedicated web site, at
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