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  1. linguistlist reviews, AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW


Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 01:40:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: linguistlist reviews <>

The following books are available for review on the LINGUIST List.
If you are interested in reviewing any of these books, please contact
Simin Karimi at:

We have included links to the publishers' announcements of these books
on LINGUIST, so that you can easily get more information about them.

When asking to review a book, include the following in your message.
Please do this even if you have given us this information before!

1. The author(s) and title of the book you wish to review. If you are
 interested in more than one book, list them in order of preference.
2. Your full name and highest academic degree received.
3. Your current affiliation if any.
4. A short description of your research interests, especially as they
 pertain to the book(s) you are interested in.
5. A postal address to which the book should be sent.

If you are selected to review a book, we will mail you a copy along
with further instructions. Reviews must be completed within SIX WEEKS
of receipt of the book or the book must be returned.


Beaver, David I. (2001) Presupposition and Assertion in Dynamic
Semantics, CSLI Publications, Studies in Logic, Language and
 Announced at

Casad, Eugene H. and Gary B. Palmer (2003) Cognitive Linguistics and
Non-Indo-European Languages. Mouton de Gruyter, Cognitive Linguistics
Research 18.
 Announced at

de Vaan, Michiel (2003) The Avestan Vowels, Rodopi, Leiden Studies in
Indo-European 12.
 Announced at

Dickins, James, S�ndor Hervey and Ian Higgins (2002) Thinking Arabic
Translation, Tutor's Handbook: A Course in Translation Method: Arabic
to English, Routledge.
 Announced at

Enfield, N. J. (2003) Linguistic Epidemiology: Semantics and Grammar of
Language Contact in Mainland Southeast Asia, Routledge, RoutledgeCurzon
Asian Linguistics Series.
 Announced at

Hauser, Marc D. and Mark Konishi, ed. (2003) The Design of Animal
Communication, MIT Press, A Bradford book (hardback edition published
in 1999).
 Announced at

Hervey, S�ndor and Ian Higgins (2002) Thinking French Translation, 2nd
edition: A Course in Translation Method: French to English, Routledge
(1st ed. 1992). Includes Tutor's Handbook.
 Announced at

King, Gareth (2003) Modern Welsh: A Comprehensive Grammar, 2nd ed.,
Routledge (1st ed. 1996).
 Announced at

Kress, Gunther (2003) Literacy in the New Media Age, Routledge,
Literacies series.
 Announced at

Lang, Ewald, Claudia Maienborn and Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen (2003)
Modifying Adjuncts, Mouton de Gruyter, Interface Explorations 4.
 Announced at

Lassen, Inger (2003) Accessibility and Acceptability in Technical
Manuals: A Survey of Style and Grammatical Metaphor, John Benjamins
Publishing Company, Document Design Companion Series 4.
 Announced at

M�ller, Stefan (2002) Complex Predicates: Verbal Complexes, Resultative
Constructions, and Particle Verbs in German, CSLI Publications, Studies
in Constraint-Based Lexicalism.
 Announced at

Nevalainen, Terttu and Helena Raumolin-Brunberg (2003) Historical
Sociolinguistics, Longman, Longman Linguistics Library.
 Announced at

Pit, Mirna (2003) How to Express Yourself with a Causal Connective,
Rodopi, Utrecht Studies in Language and Communication 17.
 Announced at

Rohdenburg, G�nter and Britta Mondorf (2003) Determinants of
Grammatical Variation in English, Mouton de Gruyter, Topics in English
Linguistics 43.
 Announced at

Wilkinson, P. R. (2003) Thesaurus of Traditional English Metaphors,
2nd ed., Routledge (1st ed. 1993).
 Announced at


Aceto, Michael and Jeffrey P. Williams (2003) Contact Englishes of the
Eastern Caribbean, John Benjamins, Varieties of English Around the
World G30.
 Announced at

Adams, J.N. (2003) Bilingualism and the Latin Language, Cambridge
University Press.
 Announced at

Alexiadou, Artemis, Monika Rathert and Arnim von Stechow, ed. (2003)
Perfect Explorations, Mouton de Gruyter, Interface Explorations 2.
 Announced at

Bartens, Angela (2003) A Contrastive Grammar: Islander - Caribbean
Standard English - Spanish, Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters,
Series Humaniora 327.
 Announced at

Black, Maria and Shula Chiat (2003) Linguistics for Clinicians. A
Practical Introduction Oxford University Press.
 Announced at

Blackings, Mairi and Nigel Fabb (2003) A Grammar of Ma'di, Mouton de
Gruyter, Mouton Grammar Library.
 Announced at

Boeckx, Cedric (2003) Islands and Chains: Resumption as Stranding, John
Benjamins Publishing Company, Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today 63.
 Announced at

Broccias, Cristiano (2003) The English Change Network: Forcing Changes
into Schemas, Mouton de Gruyter, Cognitive Linguistic Research 22.
 Announced at

Butler, Christopher S. (2003) Structure and Function: A Guide to Three
Major Structural Functional Theories, Part 1: Approaches to the
Simplex Clause, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Studies in
Language Companion Series 63.
 Announced at

Butler, Christopher S. (2003) Structure and Function: A Guide to Three
Major Structural Functional Theories, Part 2: From Clause to Discourse
and Beyond, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Studies in Language
Companion Series 64.
 Announced at

Cameron, Deborah and Don Kulick (2003) Language and Sexuality,
Cambridge University Press.
 Announced at

Chen, Rong (2003) English Inversion: A Ground-before-Figure
Construction, Mouton de Gruyter, Cognitive Linguistics Research.
 Announced at

Clyne, Michael (2003) Dynamics of Language Context. English and
Immigrant Languages Cambridge Approaches to Language Contact Cambridge
University Press.
 Announced at

Coene, Martine and Yves d'Hulst, ed. (2003) From NP to DP, Volume 1:
The Syntax and Semantics of Noun Phrases, John Benjamins Publishing
Company, Linguistic Aktuell/Linguistics Today 55.
 Announced at

Coene, Martine and Yves d'Hulst, ed. (2003) From NP to DP, Volume 2:
The Expression of Possession in Noun Phrases, John Benjamins Publishing
Company, Linguistic Aktuell/Linguistics Today 56.
 Announced at

Collins, James and Blot, Richard K. (2003) Literacy and Literacies:
Texts, Power, and Identity, Cambridge University Press, Studies in the
Social and Cultural Foundations of Language.
 Announced at

Crystal, David (2003) English as a Global Language, 2nd ed., Cambridge
University Press (1st ed. 1997).
 Announced at

Curzan, Anne (2003) Gender Shifts in the History of English, Cambridge
University Press, Studies in English Language.
 Announced at

Cuyckens, Hubert, Thomas Berg, Ren� Dirven and Klaus-Uwe Panther, ed.
(2003) Motivation in Language: Studies in Honor of G�nther Radden, John
Benjamins Publishing Company, Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 243.
 Announced at

Dus^kov�, Libus^e (2003) Dictionary of the Prague School of Linguistics,
John Benjamins, Studies in Functional and Structural Linguistics 50.
 Announced at

Dirven, Ren�, Roslyn Frank and Martin P�tz, ed. (2003) Cognitive Models
in Language and Thought: Ideology, Metaphors, and Meanings, Mouton de
Gruyter, Cognitive Linguistics Research 24.
 Announced at

Gattis, Merideth (2003) Spatial Schemas and Abstract Thought, MIT
Press, Bradford Books.
 Announced at

Gaustad, Tanja, ed. (2003) Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands
2002: Selected Papers from the Thirteenth CLIN Meeting, Rodopi,
Language and Computers 47.
 Announced at

Granger, Sylviane and Stephanie Petch-Tyson, ed. (2003) Extending the
Scope of Corpus-based Research: New Applications, New Challenges,
Rodopi, Language and Computers 48.
 Announced at

Hualde, Jos� Ignacio and Jon Ortiz de Urbina (2003) A Grammar of
Basque, Mouton de Gruyter, Mouton Grammar Library 26.
 Announced at

Leistyna, Pepi and Charles F. Meyer, ed. (2003) Corpus Analysis:
Language Structure and Language Use, Rodopi, Language and Computers 46.
 Announced at

Migge, Bettina (2003) Creole Formation as Language Contact: The Case of
Suriname Creoles, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Creole Language
Library 25.
 Announced at

Panther, Klaus-Uwe and Linda L. Thornburg (2003) Meonymy and Pragmatic
Inferencing, John Benjamins Publishing Company, Pragmatics and Beyond
New Series 113.
 Announced at

Rudzka-Ostyn, Brygida (2003) Word Power: Phrasal Verbs and Compounds, A
Cognitive Approach, Mouton de Gruyter, Planet Communication (Mouton
 Announced at

Sag, Ivan A., Thomas Wasow and Emily M. Bender (2003) Syntactic Theory:
A Formal Introduction, 2nd ed., CSLI Publications, CSLI Lecture Notes
 Announced at

Taavitsainen, Irma and Andreas H. Jucker (2003) Diachronic Perspectives
on Address Term Systems, John Benjamins, Pragmatics & Beyond New Series
 Announced at

Talmy, Leonard (2003) Toward a Cognitive Semantics, Volume 1: Concept
Structuring Systems; Volume 2: Typology and Process in Concept
Structuring, MIT Press, Language, Speech, and Communication series.
 Announced at

Teich, Elke (2003) Cross-Linguistic Variation in System and Text: A
Methodology for the Investigation of Translations and Comparable Texts,
Mouton de Gruyter, Text, Translation, Computational Processing.
 Announced at

Trudgill, Peter (2003) A Glossary of Sociolinguistics, Oxford
University Press.
 Announced at

Tuten, Donald N. (2003) Koineization in Medieval Spanish, Mouton de
Gruyter, Contributions to the Sociology of Language.
 Announced at

Tyler, Andrea and Vyvyan Evans (2003) The Semantics of English
Prepositions: Spatial Scenes, Embodied Meaning, and Cognition,
Cambridge University Press.
 Announced at

Yotsukura, Lindsay Amthor (2003) Negotiating Moves: Problem
Presentation and Resolution in Japanese Business Discourse, Elsevier
Science Ltd.
 Announced at
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