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TOC: Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, 17/4

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  1. sara, Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, Vol 17 No 4 (2003)

Message 1: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, Vol 17 No 4 (2003)

Date: Mon, 08 Sep 2003 14:59:59 +0000
From: sara <>
Subject: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, Vol 17 No 4 (2003)

Publisher: Routledge (Taylor and Francis)
Journal Title: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics
Volume Number: 17
Issue Number: 4
Issue Date: 2003

Main text:
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This issue contains:

Effects of speaking rate on EMA-derived lingual kinematics: a
preliminary investigation
Justine V. Gooz�e

Perceptual characteristics of Cantonese hypokinetic dysarthria
Tara L. Whitehill

Models of phonology in the education of speech-language pathologists
Ryan Nelson, Martin J. Ball

The interactional significance of formulas in autistic language
Sushie Dobbinson

Assessing intonation and prosody in children with atypical language 
development: the PEPS-C test and the revised version
Sue Pepp�

Incidence of non-rhotic vowel errors in children: data from the Memphis 
Vowel Project
Karen E. Pollock

Exploring the boundaries of SLI: findings from morphosyntactic and story 
grammar analyses
Wendy M. Pearce

Using electropalatography (EPG) to diagnose and treat articulation 
disorders associated with mild cerebral palsy: a case study
Fiona E. Gibbon

Speech evaluation and swallowing ability after intra-oral cancer
K. M�dy

Prosodic and lexical-syntactic aspects of the therapeutic register
Li Sheng

'I suppose' as a resource for the construction of turns at talk in 
agrammatic aphasia
Suzanne Beeke

The influence of oral cavity tumour treatment on the voice quality and 
on fundamental frequency
Angela Zimmermann

Efficacy of speech intervention using electropalatography with a 
cochlear implant user
Vasiliki Pantelemidou, Ros Herman

The effect of right cerebral hemisphere damage on collaborative planning 
in conversation: an analysis of intentional structure
Kathryn Hird

Normal and Language-impaired children's use of reference: syntactic 
versus pragmatic processing
Christina Schelletter

Electronic publishing: opportunities and challenges for clinical 
linguistics and phonetics
Thomas W. Powell

The effect of unilateral electrostimulation of the subthalamic nucleus 
on respiratory/phonatory subsystems of speech production in Parkinson's 
disease--a preliminary report
Emily Wang

Intelligibility and negotiated meaning in interaction
Nicole M�ller

Acoustic correlates of hypernasality
Alice S-Y. Lee

Special Issue: Selected papers from ICPLA 2002
p. 257
Sharynne McLeod


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