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Sat Sep 13 2003

Confs: North Eastern Ling Society/Stony Brook, USA

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  1. nels, 34th Annual Meeting of the North Eastern Linguistic Society

Message 1: 34th Annual Meeting of the North Eastern Linguistic Society

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 02:37:38 +0000
From: nels <>
Subject: 34th Annual Meeting of the North Eastern Linguistic Society

34th Annual Meeting of the North Eastern Linguistic Society 
Short Title: NELS 34

Date: 07-NOV-03 - 09-NOV-03
Location: Stony Brook, New York, United States of America
Contact: NELS Organizational Committee
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics 

Meeting Description: NELS 34, Stony Brook University, November 7-9,
2003 The 34th Annual meeting of the North Eastern Linguistic Society
(NELS 34) will take place on November 7-9, 2003 at Stony Brook
University. Below is the preliminary program for the conference.
Pre-registration and other information can be found on our website at If you have questions for the
conference committee, please e-mail us at

08.00	Breakfast		
08.30	Opening Remarks		

08.45	Session I 	Syntax, Syntax-Semantics 
-Minjeong Son & Peter Cole (U. Delaware) The Verbal Suffix �Euro�'kan 
and Event Structure in Standard Indonesian
-Vita G. Markman (Rutgers) Causatives without Causers and
Burzio�Euro(tm)s Generalization
-Shoichi Takahashi (MIT) Pseudogapping and Cyclic Linearization
10.15	Coffee Break

10.30	Session II	Phonology 
-Michael Wagner (MIT) Prosody as a Diagonalization of Syntax	
-Abigail Cohn (Cornell) Truncation in Indonesian: Evidence for
Violable Minimal Words and AnchorRight
-Arto Anttila (NYU), Vivienne Fong (NYU/Nat. U. of Singapore), Stefan
Benus & Jennifer Nycz (NYU) Deriving Consonant Cluster Phonotactics

12.00	Lunch

13.30	Session III	Semantics, Syntax/Semantics
-Roumyana Pancheva (USC) & Arnim von Stechow (Tübingen) On the
Present Perfect Puzzle
-Lynsey Wolter (UCSC) Demonstratives, Definiteness and Determined
-Youngjoo Lee (MIT) Syntax and Semantics of Focus Particles: Scope and
the Mirror Principle

15.00	Coffee Break

15.15	Special Session	Sentence and Speech Processing 
-Duane Watson & Michael K. Tannenhaus (U. Rochester) Processing Phrase
Accents in Spoken Language Comprehension
-Timothy Gambell & Charles Yang (Yale) Scope and Limits of Statistical
Learning in Word Segmentation -Tessa Warren (U. Pittsburgh), Edward
Gibson, Mariko Jamieson & Christopher Hirsch (MIT) Effects of NP Type
on Sentence Complexity

16.45	Poster Session I

17.45-18.45 Invited Speaker: Dan Jurafsky (University of Colorodo
Boulder) Title: TBA

Saturday, November 8, 2003 

08.00	Breakfast		

08.30	Session IV 	Syntax
-Idan Landau (Ben Gurion University) Chain Resolution in Hebrew and
-Michael Barrie (U. Toronto) Moving Towards Partial Control
-Anikó Lipták (Leiden) Partial Movement in Full Light:
New Arguments for Dayal�Euro(tm)s Approach

10.00	Coffee Break		
10.15	Session V	Phonology

-Shigeto Kawahara (UMass)	Echo Epenthesis and Reduplication
-Alan C. L. Yu (UChicago)	Reduplication in English Homeric Infixation	

11.15-12.15 Invited Speaker: Ellen Broselow (Stony Brook University)
Title: TBA

12.15	Lunch		

13.45	Poster Session II

14.45	Session VI	Syntax-Semantics 
-Franc Marušic (Stony Brook) & Rok Žaucer (UOttawa) The
Intensional FEEL-LIKE Construction in Slovenian
-Asaf Bachrach (MIT) Pseudoclefts (�Euro~pseudo�Euro(tm) is
barred in the title)

15.45	Coffee Break

16.00	Session VII	Semantics 
-Luis Alonso-Ovalle (UMass) Simplification of Disjuntive Antecedents
in a Hamblin Semantics
-Kimiko Nakanishi & Maribel Romero (UPenn) Two Constructions with Most
and their Syntactic Properties

17.00-18.00 Invited Speaker: Richard K. Larson (Stony Brook
University) Title: TBA

Party in the evening: Time TBA 			

Sunday, November 9, 2003 

09.00		Breakfast

09.30		Session VIII		Morpho-Syntax

-Heidi Harley (U. Arizona) Merge, Conflation and Head Movement: The
First Sister Principle Revisited
-Jason Brown, Karsten Koch & Martina Wiltschko (UBC) The Person
Hierarchy: Primitive or Epiphenomenal? Evidence from Halkomelem Salish
-Jeffrey Lidz (Northwestern) & Alexander Williams C-locality and the
Interaction of Reflexives and Ditransitives

11.00		Coffee Break

11.15-12.15 Invited Speaker: Guglielmo Cinque (University of Venice)
Title: TBA

12.15		Lunch

13.45		Session IX		Syntax
-Klaus Abels (U. Leipzig) Right Node Raising: Ellipsis or Across the
Board Movement?
-Jeroen van Craenenbroeck (Leiden/ULCL) Stranding Under Sluicing
-C-T James Huang (Harvard) & Masao Ochi (U.Osaka) Syntax of The Hell:
Two Types of Dependencies

15.15		NELS 35 Planning Meeting

Alternates (*poster session I, **poster session II, ***not presenting a poster)

-Hyunsoon Kim (Hongik U.) The Feature [tense] Revisited: the case of
Korean three-way phonation consonants***
-Zhiqiang Li (MIT) Edge Prominence and Metrical Prominence in Tone
Mapping: A Case of Tone Movement**

-Uli Sauerland & Kazuko Yatsushiro (U. Tübingen) A Silent Noun
in Partitives**
-Lotus Goldberg (Northwestern, McGill)	Deriving V-Stranding VP Ellipsis**

-Christian Ebert (Kings College) & Cornelia Endriss (U. Potsdam) Topic
Interpretation and Wide Scope Indefinites*** Benjamin Bruening
(U. Delaware) Unselective Binding in Chinese and Passamaquoddy**

Special Session:
-Edson T. Miyamoto (NAIST), Michiko Nakamura (U. Hawaii at Manoa) &
Shoichi Takahashi (MIT) Processing Relative Clauses in Japanese with
Two Attachment Sites*
-Marta Ortega-Llebaria (U. Northern Colorado) The Effect of
Suprasegmental Constraints in the Perception and Processing of
Acoustic Features*

Poster Session 1:

Special Session

-Kenichi Ariji (McGill), Akira Omaki (U. Hawaii at Manoa) & Natsuko
Tatsuta (Seigakuin U.) Psycholinguistic Evidence on RTO construction
in Japanese
-Chao-Yang Lee and Zhiqiang Li (MIT) Enhancement of Phonological
Contrast: Acoustics of Apical and Retroflex Vowels in Mandarin Chinese
-Jeffrey T. Runner, Rachel S. Sussman & Michael K. Tannenhaus
(U. Rochester) The Influence of Binding Theory on the On-Line
Reference Resolution of Pronouns
-Yiya Chen (U. Edinburgh) & Yi Xu (U. Chicago) Pitch Target of
Mandarin Neutral Tone
-Daniel Grodner & Julie Sedivy (Brown) The Triggers and Time-Course of
Gricean Implicature Maria Babyonyshev (Yale), Evelina Fedorenko & Ted
Gibson (MIT) The Role of Morphosyntactic Features in Sentence
-Edson T. Miyamoto (NAIST), Michiko Nakamura (U. Hawaii at Manoa), &
Shoichi Takahashi (MIT) Processing relative clauses in Japanese with
two attachment sites Marta Ortega-Llebaria (U. Northern Colorado) The
Effect of Suprasegmental Constraints in the Perception and Processing
of Acoustic Features.

General session 

-Rebeka Campos-Astorkiza (USC) A new account of moraic faithfulness
and compensatory lengthening.
-James Isaacs (UCSC) & Christopher Potts (UMass) Hidden Imperatives
-Eun-Sook Kim (UBC) Foot structure in Nuu-chah-nulth: Reconsidering
foot typology within OT
-Roberta d'Allessandro (U. Stuttgart) Early merge in impersonal si
constructions: how semantics determines agreement
-Kasangati K. W. Kinyalolo (The Institute at Rocky Point, NY, Stony
Brook University) The case for null subject verb agreement morphology
in Bantu
-Scott Shank (UBC) Preverbal Negative Polarity Items in Cantonese

Poster Session II

-Min-Joo Kim (UMass) Internally-Headed Relatives Instantiate Situation
-Miyuki Sawada (Ming Chuan U.) & Richard Larson (Stony Brook) Adjunct
Clauses, Presupposition and Root Transformations
-Changyong Sim (U. Delaware) Two Types of Multiple Accusative
Constructions in Korean
-Victoria Tredinnick (UPenn) Modal flavor and quantificational force
in free relatives with �Euro�'ever
-Jason Riggle (UCLA) Nonlocal Reduplication
-Elizabeth Cowper (U. Toronto) Why dual is less marked than plural
-Elena Herburger (Georgetown) Only, if, and only if.
-Georges Rebuschi (University of Paris 3) & & Hana Skrabalova
(LACITO(CNRS)) Hydras Revisited
-Brent Henderson (Urbana-Champaign) PF Evidence for Distributed
-Uli Sauerland & Kazuko Yatsushiro (U. Tübingen) A Silent Noun
in Partitives
-Benjamin Bruening (U. Delaware) Unselective Binding in Chinese and
-Lotus Goldberg (Northwestern & McGill University) Deriving
V-Stranding VP Ellipsis
-Zhiqiang Li (MIT) Edge Prominence and Metrical Prominence in Tone
Mapping: A Case of Tone Movement

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