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Thu Sep 25 2003

Confs: Language Acquisition/Amsterdam, Netherlands

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  1. b.hollebrandse, Modular interaction in acquisition

Message 1: Modular interaction in acquisition

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 08:44:01 +0000
From: b.hollebrandse <>
Subject: Modular interaction in acquisition

Modular interaction in acquisition 
Date: 23-Oct-2003 - 24-Oct-2003
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Contact: Petra Bos
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL:

Linguistic Sub-field: Language Acquisition 

Meeting Description:
workshop: Modular interaction in acquisition
October 23 and 24 at the Free University Amsterdam, The Neterlands
This workshop is part of the NWO-program ''Interfaces Issues in L1 and
L2 Acquisition''. Members of the NWO-program ''Interfaces Issues in L1
and L2 Acquisition'' will organize a workshop on October 23 and 24,
2003, at the Free University Amsterdam in the Netherlands:

Modular interaction in acquisition

According to recent linguistic approaches to language, the language
system is built up by grammatical modules (phonology, syntax, and
semantics) and a pragmatic module. Simply put, the grammatical modules
enable us to use the appropriate sounds of a language, to formulate
sentences according to a number of grammatical rules and to make sure
our utterances have meaning, and the pragmatic module enables us to
interpret utterances and to communicate successfully. Each module
consists of a number of rules and constraints, which differ for each
language. On top of that, the grammatical modules interact with each
other and with the pragmatic module. These interactions are called

If we take a modular approach in studying language acquisition, an
important question that can be raised is: How do the modules and the
pragmatics-syntax interface and the semantics-syntax interface develop
during acquisition? The main questions of the workshop will be: (1) To
what extent does the syntax-semantics interface in L1-acquisition
differ from the development of this interface in L2-acquisition? And
(2) To what extent does the syntax-pragmatics interface in
L1-acquisition differ from the development of this interface in

Speakers include:

Sergey Avrutin (Utrecht University), C�cile de Cat (University of
York), Petra Hendriks (Groningen University), Helen de Hoop
(University of Nijmegen), Irene Kr�mer (University of Nijmegen),
Natascha M�ller (Hamburg University), Tom Roeper (University of
Massachusetts), Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh), and
members of the ''Interfaces in L1 and L2 Acquisition program''

Members of the ''Interface Issues in L1 and L2 Acquisition'' -

Petra Bos (Free University Amsterdam), Peter Coopmans (Utrecht
University), Ger de Haan (Groningen University), Bart Hollebrandse,
(Groningen University), Roeland van Hout (University of Nijmegen),
Aafke Hulk (University of Amsterdam), Peter Jordens (Free University
Amsterdam), Petra Sleeman (Utrecht University/ University of

For registration & information, contact Petra Bos at
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