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Fri Sep 26 2003

Qs: Text Letter-Order Study; Bilingual Children

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  1. Christina Sanchez, Question about study
  2. Stefan Ploch, Raising children bilingual or not bilingual?

Message 1: Question about study

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 11:14:30 +0200
From: Christina Sanchez <>
Subject: Question about study

Dear LINGUIST List subscribers,

several people have sent me different versions of a linguistic text
that seems to be very popular among non-linguists at the moment. It
states that research at an English university has revealed that it is
still possible to read a text when all letters (except the first and
last) of every word are in a different order. The text itself is
written in exactly this way and thereby proves its point. (Compare
one of the German versions below.) Do es anyone know the title of this
study and where it has been published?

Thank you very much in advance.

Yours, Christina Sanchez

Afugrnud enier Sduite an enier Elingshcen Unviresti�t ist es eagl, in
wlehcer Rienhnelfoge die Bcuhtsbaen in eniem Wrot sethen, das enizg
wcihitge dbaei ist, dsas der estre und lzete Bcuhtsbae am rcihgiten
Paltz snid. Der Rset knan ttolaer Bl�sdinn sien, und du knasnt es
torztedm onhe Porbelme lseen. Das ghet dseahlb, wiel wir nchit
Bcuhtsbae fr Bcuhtsbae enizlen lseen, snodren W�retr als Gnaezs.
Nchit shlcceht oedr?

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Message 2: Raising children bilingual or not bilingual?

Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 14:22:11 +0000
From: Stefan Ploch <>
Subject: Raising children bilingual or not bilingual?

I have searched the archives of this list but could not find much
about this issue. I am trying to find out what exactly the evidence
for AND AGAINST the claim is that growing up bilingually has only
advantages. I have heard some linguists say (but only informally) that
children who grow up bilingually have, on average, more learning
difficulties than monolingual children.

Is there anything to such claims? Who agrees with such a view, who
opposes it, what should I read?

Thanks for your help.

Of course, I will post a summary. 
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