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Fri Sep 26 2003

Qs: Ethnographic Study Equipment

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  1. Lida Cope, micro-ethnography with young children/equipment

Message 1: micro-ethnography with young children/equipment

Date: 26 Sep 2003 22:04:14 -0000
From: Lida Cope <>
Subject: micro-ethnography with young children/equipment

Dear all, 

I am planning a my micro-ethnographic study in a dual immersion
kindergarten. I'd like to use either tape recorders with wireless mikes
or digital voice recorders to capture both peer talk and private
speech of four focal children (two English and two Spanish L1
speakers, following them through all their daily activities. My
overall goal is to track these childrens language use and
development. I'll be video-taping, thats settled. As for the audio
side, the studies I've seen have used wireless microphones but the
technology is changing so fast that trying to find out what's worked
well and would be still available on the market has proven to be a
difficult task. I was wondering if you'd have any advice as to what
models of recorder/transmitter/wireless microphone combinations work
well. I've been considering digital voice recorders too but so far I
have not been able to find anybody whod be able to explain the details
and suggest models that'd be appropriate for this kind of data
collection (also considering data transcription).

I'd greatly appreciate any advice in this matter. My e-mail is

Thanks so much for your time -- 

Best wishes, Lida Cope 
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