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Wed Oct 15 2003

Qs: Portuguese Corpora; Piaget/Lang Acquisition

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  1. Joaquim Brand�ode Carvalho, Qs: Portuguese plurals
  2. Claire Goodwin, Language Acquisition Investigation

Message 1: Qs: Portuguese plurals

Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2003 15:11:28 +0200
From: Joaquim Brand�ode Carvalho <>
Subject: Qs: Portuguese plurals

Dear linguist fellows,
I am trying to get a schedule of Portuguese masculine nouns and 
adjectives with a stressed mid high /o/ and final -o. I have already 
collected about 150 words from some dictionaries. Do you know of 
corpora which could provide me with additional material?
My goal is to determine the actual extension of the two well-known 
plural classes: words which undergo /o/:/O/ alternation (e.g. corvo : 
cOrvos 'raven'), those that do not (lobo : lobos 'wolf'), and those 
that show variation from dialect to dialect (e.g. almo�o 'lunch'), 
and even within the same speaker's speech. By the way, if you are 
aware of any available work on this topic (from a lexical/statistical 
point of view ; I am not looking for diachronic studies of Port. 
ablaut!), could you please send me the relevant bibliography?
Thank you very much for any information.
Joaquim Brandao de Carvalho
Universite de Paris 8
CNRS : UMR 7023, GDR 1954

Personal address :
320, rue des Pyrenees
75020 Paris France
Tel./fax : 01 43 66 95 24
(If calling from outside France, please replace
the prefix '0' with the country number '33'.)
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Message 2: Language Acquisition Investigation

Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 08:26:41 +0000
From: Claire Goodwin <>
Subject: Language Acquisition Investigation

I am currently doing an Investigation into first language acqusition
for my A-levels. I want to incorporate a linguist into my studies,
hopefully Piaget. I wondered if anybody had any ideas of what roads I
could go down to get there? My investigation requires me to study one
childs language of age 3. Inside and outside her day care centre. I am
hoping to comment on use of Possessives, length of sentences,
Morphemes and any other suggestions that I find on my way! - If
anybody has done any investigation of this kind or has any suggestions
please could you email them to me at Thanks.

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