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  1. LINCOM.EUROPA, Kunama: Bender

Message 1: Kunama: Bender

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 13:43:03 +0000
Subject: Kunama: Bender

Title: Kunama
Publication Year: 2003
Publisher: Lincom Europa
Availability: Available
Author: M. Lionel Bender 

Hardback: ISBN: 3895860727, Pages: 60 pp. 1 map., Price: USD 34.50 /
	 EUR 29.20 / GBP
Comment: (2nd printing)
Kunama is spoken by about 100,000 people in Eritrea. Once thought to
be a "language isolate", Kunama is now classified as a rather
divergent Nilo-Saharan language. Ethnographers have seen
Chushitic-like cultural traits among the Kunama and linguistically
Kunama shares the SOV-type syntax of the Ethiopian (Afrasian) language
area and has lexical influence from Semitic and Cushitic. The rich
suprasegmental phonology of vowel and consonant length, stress, and
tone remains to be fully worked out. The pronominal system has dual as
well as sg./pl. and inclusive/exclusive distinctions, but no
grammatical gender. There are both prefixal and suffixal verbal
conjugations, but these are lexically distributed and quite unlike the
Afrasian aspectual use of the prefixes and suffixes.

The volume contains phonological and morphological sketches, overall
syntax and some selected topics (notably nonverbal predication and
relative constructions), two sample text with morphemic and free
translations, references, and a language map of the Kunama area.
Lingfield(s): Language Description
Subject Language(s): Kunama (Language Code: KUM)

Written In: English (Language Code: ENG)

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