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Thu Oct 16 2003

Qs: English Phonotactic Constraints; AAVE Corpora

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  1. Natalia Modjeska, Phonotactic constraints in English
  2. laura digiorgio, Corpus Linguistics & AAVE

Message 1: Phonotactic constraints in English

Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 14:38:05 +0000
From: Natalia Modjeska <>
Subject: Phonotactic constraints in English

Dear colleagues,

Has anyone seen a -- more or less -- complete list of phonotactic
constraints in English, e.g., ''a consonant of such-and-such-type
never co-occurs with/precedes/follows a consonant of
such-and-such-type''? I will post a summary of responses. Please send
your reply to


Natalia N. Modjeska 

Subject-Language: English; Code: ENG 
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Message 2: Corpus Linguistics & AAVE

Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 13:31:32 +0000
From: laura digiorgio <>
Subject: Corpus Linguistics & AAVE

I have been doing a great deal of searching . . . Besides corpora
which support diachronic studies of African American Vernacular
English (such as the ESR, Samana,& Nova Scotian African English
Corpus) can anyone refer me to a corpus of AAVE? Of course, due to
issues relating to the limited amount of texts written or recorded in
this non-standard language variety, standardization of representing
AAVE itself, and definition of AAVE speakers, this a tricky business
at best. Does anyone know of any corpora based on non-standard
language varieties (besides Irish English)? If you know of any
resources, could you please share? Or if you have any thoughts on
this topic, I would love your feedback as well. Email: Thank you.
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