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Fri Oct 17 2003

Qs: L2 Feedback Perception

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  1. Judie Zhu, Learners' perception of written feedback

Message 1: Learners' perception of written feedback

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2003 05:29:21 +0000
From: Judie Zhu <>
Subject: Learners' perception of written feedback

Dear all,

 I am currently working on a doctoral thesis proposal concerning L2
learners' perception and processing of teachers' written feedbacks. I
intended to approach it from an information-processing perspective:
what in the feedback can be perceived and processed by the L2
learners? What are the factors that might affect the perception?

This issue mainly involves two areas of studies, namely, that of SLA
concerning feedback effect (i.e., Lyster, 1998) and that of Second
Language Writing studies concerning feedback effect (i.e., Truscott,
1996). I found, however, drastic conflicts in these two areas with
regard to the effect of grammar correction (corrective feedback). SLA
is getting ever more optimistic about the feedback effect (F-on-F,
Noticing Hypothesis, etc.), while the feedback landscape in SLW is
getting dimmer and dimmer. Of course they approach it from different
angles and target at different evaluation criteria, but the
conflicting opinions thereof are really discouraging.

 Therefore I need your wit in the follow questions. 

 (1) Do you have confidence in corrective feedback in learners'

 (2) What do L2 learners actually do when they receive the written
feedback? (wow, it is too big a question, isnt' it?)

 (3) What role do you think corrective feedback may play in L2
writing and SLA in general? (even bigger! Sorry.)

 I especially appreciate the wits and intuition from language
teachers and students. Their feelings are what really matter in any
classroom research.

Thank you!!

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