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Books: Historical Ling, Old English: Biggam (ed)

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  1. E.van.Broekhuizen, From Earth to Art: Biggam (ed)

Message 1: From Earth to Art: Biggam (ed)

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 04:54:35 +0000
From: E.van.Broekhuizen <>
Subject: From Earth to Art: Biggam (ed)

Title: From Earth to Art
Subtitle: The Many Aspects of the Plant-World in Anglo-Saxon
	 England. Proceedings of the First ASPNS Symposium,
	 University of Glasgow, 5-7 April 2000.
Series Title: Costerus New Series vol. 148
Publication Year: 2003
Publisher: Rodopi
Editor: C.P. Biggam

Paperback: ISBN: 9042008075, Pages: 342 pp., Price: EUR 70 / US$ 83

>From Earth to Art presents papers from the 'Early Medieval Plant
Studies' symposium, a meeting designed to explore the various
disciplines which could help to elucidate the plant-names of
Anglo-Saxon England, many of which are not understood. The range of
disciplines represented includes landscape history, place-name
studies, botany, archaeology, art history, Old English literature, the
history of food and of medicine, and linguistic approaches such as
semantics and morphology. This collection represents a first
experimental step in the work of the Anglo-Saxon Plant-Name Survey
(ASPNS), a multidisciplinary research project based in the University
of Glasgow. ASPNS is dedicated to collecting and reviewing, for the
first time, the total multidisciplinary evidence for each plant-name,
and establishing new or improved identifications. The results will
have implications for various historical studies such as agriculture,
pharmacology, nutrition, climate, dialect, and more.
Included in the book is the first ASPNS word-study, concerned with
the Old English word 'aespe' (the ancestor of 'aspen'), and
it is shown that this tree-name had a broader meaning than has
hitherto been suspected. This book will be of interest to historians,
botanists, archaeologists, linguists, geographers, gardeners,
herbalists, conservationists and anyone interested in the crucial role
of plants in history.


Della HOOKE: Trees in the Anglo-Saxon Landscape: the Charter Evidence
Carole HOUGH: Place-Name Evidence for Anglo-Saxon Plant-Names
Ralph S. FORBES: Criteria for Assessing the Native Status of British
 Plants: Some Case Histories

Allan R. HALL: Investigating Anglo-Saxon Plant Life and Plant Use: the
 Archaeobotanical Angle
Debby BANHAM: 'Be hlafum and wyrtum': Food Plants in Anglo-Saxon
 Society and Economy
Maria Amalia D'ARONCO: Anglo-Saxon Plant Pharmacy and the Latin
 Medical Tradition

Peter BIERBAUMER: Real and Not-So-Real Plant-Names in Old English
Hans SAUER: The Morphology of the Old English Plant-Names
Philip G. RUSCHE: Dioscorides' 'De materia medica' and Late Old
 English Herbal Glossaries
C. P. BIGGAM: The 'aespe' Tree in Anglo-Saxon England
Anthony ESPOSITO: Medieval Plant-Names in the 'Oxford English
Mats RYD´┐ŻN: William Turner as Botanist and Plant-Name Scholar

Jane HAWKES: The Plant-Life of Early Christian Anglo-Saxon Art
Jennifer NEVILLE: Leaves of Glass: Plant-Life in Old English Poetry
Lexical Indexes

Lingfield(s): Historical Linguistics
		Language Description
Subject Language(s): Old English (Language code: OEN)

Written In: English (Language Code: ENG)

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