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Wed Jan 29 2003

Sum: High School Linguistics Texts

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  1. AJDeFaz, Texts for High School Students

Message 1: Texts for High School Students

Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 10:51:22 -0500
From: AJDeFaz <>
Subject: Texts for High School Students

Thanks to Andrew Winnard, Beate Waffenschmidt, Peter Daniels, Madalena
Cruz-Ferreira, Rachel Lagunoff, Paul Justice, Suzette Haden Elgin, and
K. B. Cohen for applying to the query (Linguist 14.188). Several felt
that no text at all was appropriate; Suzette Elgin recommended a web
site which she had developed. Among the other recommendations:

 Yule, "The Study of Language"
 Crystal, "Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language"
 Macaulay, "The Social Art"
 Trask, "Language" The Basics"
 Aitchison, "Linguistics"
 Pinker, "Language Instinct"
 Cruz-Ferreira, "Language of Language"
 Fromkin and Rodman, "Introduction to Language:
 Justice, "Relevant Linguistics"
 "Ohio State Language Files"
 "Linguistics for Non Linguistics"

My thanks to all of those who responded. 
Anthony DeFazio,
International High School, New York
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