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Mon Nov 10 2003

Sum: In Search of Complex Clippings (2)

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  1. Stefan Th. Gries, Sum: In search of complex clippings ... (2)

Message 1: Sum: In search of complex clippings ... (2)

Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 16:02:55 +0100
From: Stefan Th. Gries <>
Subject: Sum: In search of complex clippings ... (2)

Dear colleagues

Some time ago I posted a query (Linguist 14.2406) asking for examples
of, and references to, complex clippings / clipped compounds such as
"comint" (from "communist" + "international"). My first summary of
replies (Linguist 14.2853) triggered a variety of additional
responses, which are summarised below.

R e f e r e n c e s with examples:
Bertinetto, Pier Marco. to appear. Blends and syllabic structure: A
four-fold comparison. In: Merc� Lorente, N�ria Alturo, Emili Boix,
M. Rosa Lloret i LLu�s Payrat� (eds.). La gram�tica i la sem�ntica per
a l'estudi de la variaci�, Barcelona: PPU-Secci� de Ling��stica
Catalana de la Universitat de Barcelona. , search word: fanspeak

E x a m p l e s f r o m E n g l i s h :
annish <= anniversary issue of a magazine
club <= fanzine put out by (and usually for) members of an SF club
concomm <= convention committee
fanfic <= fiction written by fans
fanzine <= amateur magazine for and by fans
fugly <= fucking ugly
Gen E <= Generation Europe
humint <= human elligence ('info gathered by humans')
sciling <= 'scientific linguist/linguistics')
sigint <= signals intelligence ('gathered by signals analysis')
yestertech <= yesterday�s technology

Hyphenated examples:
ag-sci <= agricultural science
chem-eng <= chemical engineering
comp-sci <= computer science
eco-tech <= ecological technology
fro-yo <= frozen yoghurt
info-tech <= information technology
nylon <= NY + London
psy-ops <= psychological operations
sci-eng <= science-engineering degree
sci-fi (though this is a kind of blend perhaps of sci- and hi-fi)

E x a m p l e s f r o m F i n n i s h :
Kotus <= KOtimaisten kielten TUtkimuskeskuS ('Research Center for the
Languages of Finland')
Tekes <= TEkniikan KEhitt�miskeskuS ('Center for Technical Development')
Teosto <= S�velt�j�in TEij�nOikeustoimiSTO ('Finnish] Composers' Copyright
Valpo <= VALtion POliisi ('State police')

E x a m p l e s f r o m G e r m a n (with more than one etymon only!):
vokuhila <= VOrne KUrz HInten LAng

E x a m p l e s f r o m J a p a n e s e :
/rekusen/ <= Student Recreation Center
/karaoke/ <= kara ('empty') + okesutora ('orchestra')

E x a m p l e s f r o m S p a n i s h :
colimba <= cocinar ('cook') + limpiar ('clean') + barrer ('sweep'); "this
term is used to refer colloquially to the 2 year military service term
required of all young men."

L a n g u a g e s in which such coinages are common:
+ the speech of people in the 'intel' community

Again, not all examples may be unanimously classified as clipped
compounds / complex clippings. For example, the examples involving
tech- or psy- might also be considered neo-classical compounds, but -
as mentioned before- the boundaries are difficult to establish ...

My thanks go to (in alphabetical order):
Pier Marco Bertinetto
David Bowie
Dmitri Evmenov
Mark A. Mandel
Geoffrey S. Nathan
Katarina Nemcokova
Erich Round
Peter Viechnicki
Lynell R. Williams

Stefan Th. Gries
IFKI, Southern Denmark University
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