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Thu Jan 30 2003

Confs: Conference in Honor of David McNeill

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  1. feyparr, Conference in Honor of David McNeill, USA

Message 1: Conference in Honor of David McNeill, USA

Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 22:54:54 +0000
From: feyparr <>
Subject: Conference in Honor of David McNeill, USA

Fest for David McNeill

Location: Chicago, IL, United States of America

Date: 08-Jun-2003 - 08-Jun-2003 
Web Site:
Contact Person: Fey Parrill
Meeting Email:
Linguistic Subfield(s): General Linguistics 

Meeting Description: 

Conference in honor of David McNeill

The Organizing Committee of the Festschrift for David McNeill,
Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Linguistics at the University of
Chicago, is pleased to announce a one-day conference to be held in his
honor June 8, 2003 at the University of Chicago.
This conference celebrates Professor McNeill's retirement from
teaching after a remarkable career of highly original contributions to
many areas of psycholinguistic research. Colleagues from the fields of
psychology, linguistics, and anthropology will present recent work as
part of a program designed to emphasize the breadth of McNeill's


Adam Kendon			
The origins of modern gesture studies

Starkey Duncan	 	
Convention, Conflict, and Compliance in Parent-Child Interaction

Chuck Goodwin 	 
Environmentally Coupled Gestures and Social Constitution of Professional

Michael Silverstein		
Communication Event Roles and ''Metapragmatic Extensionism:'' On the
Cognitive Underpinnings of Predication in Grammar

John Haviland		
Master Speakers, Master Gesturers

Susan Goldin-Meadow 	
The Two Faces of Gesture

Geoffery Beattie 	 
An experimental investigation of the role of different types of iconic
gesture in communication: a semantic feature approach

Janet Bavelas 		
The Social Dimension of Language and Thought 

Scott Liddell		
Two types of directional gestures in ASL: Unprompted and grammatically

Dan Slobin and Nini Hoiting 	
>From gestures to signs: The emergence of language in deaf children in
signing families

For more information (and to register for the conference): 

For anyone with special needs (wheelchair accessibility, sign
interpreting, assisted listening devices, etc) please contact Amy
Franklin <>.
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