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Wed Nov 19 2003

Qs: English Phoneme Frequency List

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  1. Christina Bosemark, Phoneme frequency list

Message 1: Phoneme frequency list

Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2003 10:13:40 -0500
From: Christina Bosemark <>
Subject: Phoneme frequency list


I'm looking for help on making a phoneme frequency list of a short
text (about 300 words). Languages initially are English, French,
German and Swedish. Any suggestions on whom I could contact? Also,
does anybody know JJ Higgins per e-mail below. I've not been able to
contact him.


From: "J.J. Higgins" <
Subject: Phoneme frequency list


As a by-product of my electronic search for minimal pairs, I have
generated a frequency list of RP-phonemes in the Advanced Learners
Dictionary which colleagues might find interesting. I would be
grateful to anybody who could point me towards any similar work on
sounds in transcriptions of speech.

By the way, I now have about thirty minimal pair lists derived from
the pronunciation field in the electronic ALD, and have edited and
annotated about ten of these. In the long run I hope to create all the
480 or so lists that are theoretically possible, just for the sake of
statistical comparison. Meanwhile anyone who wants to see a particular
list can get in touch; I can e-mail it, and will generate the list if
it does not exist yet.

John Higgins, University of Bristol <> 
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