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Wed Nov 19 2003

Confs: Valencian Lang/Valencia, Spain

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  1., 2nd Congress of Valencian language

Message 1: 2nd Congress of Valencian language

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2003 19:21:13 +0100
From: <>
Subject: 2nd Congress of Valencian language

Valencia city (Spain) November 13 2003

Dear friends, 

Allow us to present to you the II Congress of Valencian language, that
will take place on November 26, 27 & 28, in the Congress Palace of
Valencia city. The Congress is organised by different organizations
dedicated to the Valencian language.

The II Congress of Valencian language wish to carry out the updating
and analyzing the actual situation of the Valencian language from
different points of view: linguistic, phonetic, literary, politic,
sociologic, etc. Also, it is their wish to summon the Valencian
people, with the purpose of proposing, discussing, analyzing, finding
out and critizicing the current situation of the Valencian language.

Presentations and reports will gather up and will contribute with new
understanding, new proposals, and different approaches; will inform
against illegal situations, and will raise their voices to show the
unfair situation in which the Valencian Language actually is.

Some of the interventions of the Congress will be the following ones:

Mr. J. Hans Niederehe. Romance Philologist, Universit�t Trier 

"The norm and the history of the dictionaries in Valencian"

Mr. Manuel Gimeno. Philologist. Member of the Language and Literature
Section of the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture. "Current state of
the European sociolinguistics: the Valencian case".

Mr. Benjamin Agullo. Croniste del Regne de Valencia (Chronicler of the
Kingdom of Valencia)

"Lluis Fullana and the Royal Spanish Academy: 75 anniversary".

Mr. Leopolt Pe�arroja. Linguist and Historian. Member of the Language
and Literature Section of the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture.
"Historical view and current state of the Valencian".

Mr. Philippe Blanchet. Professor of Sociolinguistics. Director of the
"Centre de Recherche sur la Diversit� Linguistique de la
Francophonie". University Rennes 2 Haute Bretagne (France)

"Valencian and Provenzal: two linguistic cases to examination".

Mr. Ricart Garcia Moya. Professor of History and writer. "The
Valencian language in Catalonia".

Mr. Carles Recio. Director of Publications of the Diputacio of
Valencia (Valencian Regional Goverment). "The Valencian and the
Catalan in the classic texts"

Mr. Joaquim Lanuza. Philologist. Member of the Language and Literature
Section of the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture. "Linguistic
codification: aims, criteria and alternatives".

Closing: Mr. Ricardo de la Cierva, Ex-Minister of Culture of Spain.
Professor of Contemporary History

For more information about the Congress visit:

Technical Secretariat of the Congress:
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