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Fri Nov 21 2003

Qs: Instinctive Sound Words; Forensic Stylistics

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  1. A.S.sundar, The concept of "Poral "words
  2. Dongdoo Choi, Query

Message 1: The concept of "Poral "words

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 22:43:37 +0530
From: A.S.sundar <>
Subject: The concept of "Poral "words

 The first language of communication amongst 'homo sapiens', in all
probability, could have been something in the form of a sign 
language, later supplemented by simple sounds. For the primitive Man,some 
easy-to-utter 'sounds' and 'group of sounds' would have acted as unique 
natural vehicles of communication. Early man who survived on hunting 
animals for food, over a period of time should have developed an 
expertise in imitating the animal sounds for hunting/trapping the 
animals of food. As need for communication among humans increased, Man 
should have used the already-familiar animal-like sounds for 
communication,as a natural evolution. These sounds come out naturally 
without any effort,as imitation of behavior in animal kingdom, including 
humans, is quite instinctive. For example,to express repulsion, say on 
smelling a stinking stuff, a sound 'chee' is quite natural. Flowing from 
this 'chee' sound, primitive Man could have coined the word 'pee' for the 
repulsive faeces. These type of words as a concept exists in Tamil and 
are called 'Poral Vagai'. The following 'single sound' words are a few 
examples of 'Poral Vagai'.(Vagai means 'type')

 I-sound of exclamation,in surprise

 Oh -sound of lamenting

 Ayyoh-Sound of fear

 Later additions-verbs and nouns.



 Tha -give


 Thoo-expression of Shame

For my research on origin of first spoken languages, I am interested in
knowing whether such 'Poral' words are available in other languages as
well. Kindly e-mail your comments to

I shall be posting a summary of responses received to Linguist List in
due course.


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Message 2: Query

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2003 19:06:18 -0700
From: Dongdoo Choi <>
Subject: Query


I'd like to conduct an academic survey as to the degree of your
acceptance of a technique used in forensic stylistics as a scientific
methodology. The United States Supreme Court in Daubert v. Merrell
Dow Pharmaceuticals stated that in determining whether a theory or
technique is admissible as scientific evidence, a degree of acceptance
of the theory in a relevant scientific community is a pertinent factor
to be considered.

If you are willing to participate in my survey, please send an email
to or Then, I will send you my
short questionnaire.

Thank you for your participation in advance,

Don Choi (2nd year law student)
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