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Mon Nov 24 2003

Calls: General Ling/Spain; General Ling/USA

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  1. jperez, 2nd Late Modern English Conference
  2. bls, 30th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society

Message 1: 2nd Late Modern English Conference

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 12:58:12 -0500 (EST)
From: jperez <>
Subject: 2nd Late Modern English Conference

2nd Late Modern English Conference 
Short Title: LMEC2 

Date: 25-Nov-2004 - 27-Nov-2004
Location: Vigo, Spain
Contact: Javier Perez-Guerra
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL: 

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics
Subject Language Family: English
Call Deadline: 20-Apr-2004 

Meeting Description:

Second Late Modern English Conference: The English Language in the
Late Modern Period 1700 - 1900 
University of Vigo, 25 - 27 Nov 2004

Call for papers 

The University of Vigo, through its Department of English, is
organizing the Second International Conference on the English Language
in the Late Modern Period 1700-1900 (LMEC2), which will take place in
Vigo, 25th-27th November 2004. It is our aim to follow the path
already unfolded by our colleagues at the University of Edinburgh in
2001 by presenting and evaluating ongoing research in the syntax,
lexis, phonology, sociolinguistics, etc. of the period in question.

Since the topic is still very much alive in the minds of everyone
devoted to historical linguistics, we consider it a good idea to
summon the LModE fellowship again in Vigo with several aims to pay
heed to: a) what is the status of the projects we all presented at the
Edinburgh Conference?, b) how many areas of the period are still
unexplored?, c) what projects could be presented to tread on those
relatively new linguistic territories?, etc.
As this constitutes an almost never-ending list of research topics, we
set out this Call for Papers by means of which we invite you to submit
your proposals - papers and/or workshops - to participate in the
Conference. The papers will last twenty minutes with a discussion of
around ten minutes, whereas the workshops will cover either 60 or 90
minutes. Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and take up one
page only (including references), and may be submitted in hard copy or
electronically to the e-mail address below, by 20th April 2004. It is
the intention of the Conference organisers to promote the publication
of an edited and peer-reviewed volume to include some of the material
presented at the Conference.
The following guest speakers have already confirmed their attendance:
Prof. Laurel Brinton (British Columbia), Prof. Teresa Fanego (Santiago
de Compostela), Prof. Charles Jones (Edinburgh), Prof. Bernd Kortmann
(Freiburg) and Prof. Merja Kyt� (Uppsala).
More information concerning registration and accommodation forms,
travel arrangements, social programme, venue, etc., will be sent in
due time. The website will also include those contents soon. If you
are interested in attending the Conference do not hesitate to contact
the organisers at the earliest. Abstracts, queries and comments should
be sent to:

Second Late Modern English Conference (LMEC2) 
Department of English 
Facultade de Filolox�a e Traducci�n 
University of Vigo 
Campus Lagoas-Marcosende 
E-36200 Vigo (Spain)

The organising committee: Jorge L. Bueno-Alonso, Dolores
Gonz�lez-lvarez, Javier P�rez-Guerra, Esperanza Rama-Mart�nez

Phone: +34 986812350 / 13958 / 12365 / 13959 
Fax: +34 986812380
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Message 2: 30th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society

Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2003 20:21:39 -0500 (EST)
From: bls <>
Subject: 30th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society

30th Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society 
Short Title: BLS 30 

Date: 13-Feb-2004 - 16-Feb-2004
Location: Berkeley, CA, United States of America
Contact: Nicholas Fleisher
Contact Email: 
Meeting URL: 

Linguistic Sub-field: General Linguistics 
Call Deadline: 03-Dec-2003

Meeting Description:

The conference will consist of a General Session, a Parasession and a
Special Session.

The General Session will cover all areas of linguistic interest. We
encourage proposals from diverse theoretical frameworks and also
welcome papers on language-related topics from disciplines such as
Anthropology, Cognitive Science, Literature, Neuroscience and
Invited Speakers:
 Alice Harris, SUNY Stony Brook
 Bruce Hayes, University of California, Los Angeles
 Elizabeth Hume, Ohio State University
 Dan Jurafsky, University of Colorado, Boulder & Stanford

PARASESSION: ''Conceptual Structure and Cognition in Grammatical
The Parasession invites submissions addressing the following question:
to what extent and in what ways can findings from cognitive science
and psychology be integrated into formalisms for linguistic analysis?
Papers representing all views and approaches are sought. Those that
address both experimental data and formal theoretical models are
particularly welcomed.
Invited Speakers:
 Melissa Bowerman, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
 Adele Goldberg, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
 Alec Marantz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

SPECIAL SESSION: ''Morphology of Native American Languages''
The Special Session covers the morphology of native languages of the
Americas. Papers in all areas of morphological inquiry, from all
approaches, are welcomed.
Invited Speakers:
 Andrew Garrett, University of California, Berkeley
 Monica Macaulay, University of Wisconsin, Madison
 Anthony Woodbury, University of Texas, Austin 

Abstracts must be received in our office (not postmarked) by

 *** 5:00 pm, December 3, 2003 ***

An author may submit at most one single and one joint abstract. In
case of joint authorship, one address should be designated for
communication with BLS. Abstracts should be as specific as possible,
with a statement of topic, approach and conclusions, and may be at
most 400 words (not including data and references, which may be placed
on the reverse side). 10 copies of an anonymous, one-page
(8.5''x11'') abstract should be sent, along with a 3''x5'' card
 (1) paper title
 (2) session (General/Para/Special)
 (3) name(s) of author(s)
 (4) affiliation(s) of author(s)
 (5) address where notification of acceptance should be sent
 (6) phone number for each author
 (7) email address for each author
 (8) subfield (syntax, phonology, etc.)

 BLS 30 Abstracts Committee
 1203 Dwinelle Hall
 Berkeley, CA 94720-2650

Abstracts may also be submitted via e-mail. Only those abstracts
formatted as ASCII text, PDF, or Microsoft Word (Mac version
preferred) can be accepted. Electronically submitted abstracts should
have the author's name as filename, followed by the appropriate file
extension. The text of the message must contain the information
requested in (1)-(8) above. We cannot accept faxed abstracts. Send
electronic submissions to <>.

Presentations are allotted 20 minutes plus 10 minutes for questions.
Presented papers are published in the BLS Proceedings. Authors agree
to provide camera-ready copy (up to 12 pages) by May 15, 2004.

All attendees, including presenters, must register for the
conference. For advance registration, we can accept only checks or
money orders drawn on US banks in US dollars, made payable to the
Berkeley Linguistics Society.

 Received in our office by February 1, 2004:
 Students $20
 Non-students $40

 On-site, or received after February 1, 2004:
 Students $25
 Non-students $55

 BLS 30 Registration
 1203 Dwinelle Hall
 Berkeley, CA 94720-2650

BLS will arrange ASL interpretation if requested before Dec. 1, 2003.

We may be contacted:

Phone/Fax: 510-642-5808

Updates will be posted to our website. The conference schedule will be
posted in January.
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